Open letter to Harada Katsuhiro and Namco Bandai

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Dude you are a weirdo

stop this shit...
there is no fucking racism in Tekken you moron.
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Holy fucking shit how did this bot resurrect a 5 year old thread

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Such a worthless waste of time. After you're done whining about races in a game, what's next? Sexual orientation? We need transsexuals in Tekken? Maybe you should move to China and whine why their Chinese movies have no white or black people in them? Or maybe get over your first world problems.

They should focus on making a good game that is accessable with great offline modes to play and has good indepth mechanics for Pro play. Tekken 7 was decent, they could do a lot better. The only reason it sold so well is due to marketing and things like Youtube and Twitch giving your game a lot more spotlight. When Dyrus from LoL plays Tekken it brings a lot of new potential tekken players to the table. This has nothing to do with whether Tekkn 7 is better than it's predecessors. Rage arts are gimmick shit, sidestepping needs to be buffed back to TTT2 status, 2D chars are terrible etc.
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