How to Swag with Kazuya Mishima

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At five years of age, Kazuya found out his mother died at the hands of his father and attempt to get revenge against him. Unfortunately, Kazuya was defeated immediately and thrown off a cliff by his father, who claims that his son is weak and will have to survive and climb back up if he is to be his true son as well as his successor. Kazuya survives the fall and makes a deal with the devil in order to survive solely to murder his father.

In the years prior to the events of the original Tekken, Kazuya enters martial arts tournaments all over the world, becoming an undefeated champion due to the Devil Gene within him, only Paul Phoenix ever managed a draw with him. When the first King of Iron Fist Tournament is announced, Kazuya takes the opportunity to get back at him, setting the stage for the first game.

In reality, it is revealed that Kazuya was born with devil's power through his mother, and due to a result of his revenge against his father for killing his mother, and being thrown off a cliff by him, it awakens Kazuya's Devil Gene during his deal with his devil side.

Kazuya swag

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