how to defend against bob.

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he has a lot of gimmick moves and bad strings but ill cover the strings that are actually useful
uf+1+2, how this move fairly powerful
uf+1+2 by itself is -10, uf+1+2 4 is a mid to high counter hit launcher that is safe (-1) on block
uf+1+2 is his leaping headbutt
uf+1+2, 1+2 is mid into knockdown mid that is -15 or so on block
even though uf+1+2 is -10, if you try to punish it on block the 4 will counter hit launch you
the 4 can be hit confirmed as well
but 1+2 cannot be hit confirmed, it can be delayed but will uncombo
generally against scrubby bobs, especially midscreen, duck the 4 high followup
against a smart bob or at the wall this move is just straight up dangerous to try to challenge
if you duck anticipating the 4 you can still be wallsplat by the mid
so that's an important move to know in the matchup

b+2244 string
b+22 is 13f mid high natural combo, on hit forces stand even on crouch, and leaves bob at +8 in your face
the first 4 is a mid that is safe on block at -9, after the first b+2 the rest of the string is ncc
that 4 is also at advantage on hit
to deal with this move you have to train yourself to duck the high, it's a fairly quick string and bob can delay the timings of it as well or just do b+2 twice in a row to discourage ducking
so if you do duck, a ws4 or something is going to generally be more reliable than a full launcher
if b+22 hits you bob can basically do whatever he wants since he's at +8 point blank
the last 4 is high and there's no real mid threat because of the recovery of the first 4 knee, so always duck the last hit regardless

d+2122 string is 4 mids, after the first hit rest of the string is ncc
it has long range and tracks decently but d+21 is -10 on block in this game
but similar to the uf+1+2 situation, if they try to actually punish it it leaves them vulnerable to the rest of the string
the 3rd hit is -12 on block, and +3 to +5 on hit
the last hit has pushback and can be heavily delayed but is -21, very unsafe

db+3+4 4 is +8 force crouch on hit, so don't try to challenge his frame advantage there
it staggers on block though so sometimes it's worth it on a hard read to duck
db+3 is a powerful long range standing low with good tracking and ground hitting properties, is +2 on hit but -12 on block
doing crouch jab after he hits you with it isnt a terrible option, as it will beat most attempts to take advantage of the +2
but obviously he can step, low parry, or do a low crush

df+1, 2 is +6 on hit (was only +1 in s1, huge buff, was +4 in s2)and is -10 on block, his df+1 is fairly slow at 14f, but that's why he has that 13f b+2 it also tracks to his weak side.

his main 10f punish, 14 is +5 on hit, don't challenge him. 112 is +3 on hit now, so b+2 trades with 10f, he has to go high to actually do anything uninterruptible as he has no 12f mid.

12, 1+2 is a basic jab 12 into a delayable mid -12 counter hit launcher

db+1+2 his weird high crush launcher is slow and -13

his 12f punish of f+2 3 is -15

d+3 4 is a slow high crush ncc high damage move, d+3 on its own is like -17, the 4 followup is high
he cant do anything but that on hit so always duck after being hit by d+3

against his rage drive, its a bit of a real mixup on block, its best to just block low and launch the low followup, or crouching jab
the only good mid option will trade with crouching jab and crumple stun launch, so you can't just always crouching jab
but it beats all other options

b, f+1 (his backswing blow) is -12, wallsplats, watch out for this move at the wall.

that's pretty much it, usually if he lands a hit he's at advantage, and he wants you to try to interrupt him here to do his many counter hit launchers, or take his relatively strong lows
tekken is dumb, matchups are like effectively impossible to fully learn

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Thanks for this! This seems really helpful.

I do sometimes have trouble with this particular matchup; don't run into too many Bobs in T7... he and S.Bob were more common in TTT2, I think?
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