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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
Some good bob moves, applications. and the overall idea with bob.

so what is bob good at, what is he bad at, why use him etc?


very good range, some of the best in the game
good mobility/speed for a large character
easy execution/consistent combos
tools for nearly every situation
strong harassment lows that force tough decisions
above average wall game
good counter hit game, generally not very unsafe


no 15f launcher, slow standing launchers in general, usually relies on a counter hit to launch.
not especially tricky, requires strong fundamentals at high level
only slightly above average damage output

use bob if you want a simple powerful character with lots of versatility.


10f: 112 (max damage leaves you +3), 14 (less damage leaves u at +5 instead of), 21 (+5 less damage than 14)
12f: f+2, 3 (-15) good range, wall splats, same move since t6. launch punishable. high mid.
13f: b22, mid high does less than f+2, 3 but leaves you at +8 and forces stand on hit, very strong option.
14f: df+12 (-10) also does less than f+2 3, it's +6 on hit now, and the 2nd hit does not ch stun anymore. d1+2 21 (-16 and ends in a high) if you microdash you get a guaranteed b+3 for at least 55 damage...this should actually be your go to if you can land it, much less range than f+2 3 though.
15f: b+44 (ends in a non jailing high) use d+1+221 microdash b+3 instead of this. spin stuns so it will wallsplat point blank, but just use f+2 3 for a more reliable splat. this only does 3 points more damage.
16f: uf+1+2, 4_1+2 your go to punish on really long pushbacky negative mids like deathfist or heihachi ff+2 the 4 followup wallsplats, and is high so it can be ducked and punished. the 1+2 followup is mid but launch punishable, slightly more damage though & knockdown.
18f: db+1+2 high crush whiff punisher, and his fastest true launcher, but obviously still hella slow.
19f: cd+2 bob shoryuken, very unsafe on block, but high damage potential, good whiff punisher in certain situations.
20f:uf+3, huge hitbox, but a bit high, can go over some very low profile moves -13, slow as hell. punish blocked rage arts with this usually.
20f(?) rage art df+1+2 i believe its around 20f startup.

ws punish:

11f: ws4 good move, pretty good range, and plus frames, generic but very useful. recently buffed to 20 damage, sparks on hit.
14f: ws21, this is a great ws punisher as its huge damage for 14 frames, the hitbox is extremely evasive and it hits very very low, very very launch punishable but one of the best ws punishes in the game.

slide/extremely low move punish:

b+2, off of slides you can get a full combo, this is your go to move to deal with annoying ass stances like xiaoyu aop, eddy relax, leo's d+1+2 etc...very important move! b+2, d+3 4 s! ff+3, d+2 3, b+3 (42)

ws4 works too, and now that it does more damage, probably optimal. ws21 can also pick up slides.


good moves in neutral:

1: one of the best jabs in the game still, 1, d+4 or 1 df+1/b+2 etc is still very strong. use this to test waters and poke...but be careful as it's high obviously, leaving it very vulnerable if used at the wrong time. + on block like most jabs. 1 4 and 1 2 are also good variations to use. because 1 4 on hit is +5 and df+2 is 15 frames and launches on ch, it is a very good followup on hit. it will beat and launch any interrupt that isn't a jab, and trades and launches jabs. 12 (1+2) is a way to end the string with a -12 counter hit bait mid that grants a combo on ch. use that sparingly, you can't seem to delay it as much as you could in ttt2. *21 is good too leaves you at +5 on hit as well but does less damage than 14, but does have a followup 4 that has some use against ancy opponents, it's safe, knocks down, and sometimes will trade with jabs in bobs favor for significant damage, but can be stepped and launched, use this very sparingly. (2)14 is ncc and guarantees b+3, you can semi hit confirm this as well. giving this variation some real use.

b+2: this is a great move 13f mid (bob's fastest) with an extremely low hitbox, which can be used to deal with a wide variety of low stances and sliding moves that other characters tend to have more trouble with. it has fairly good tracking as well. b+2 2 the 2nd hit is high, and good players will duck so it cannot be abused, but it is a natural combo on hit with very high frame advantage (+8) that also forces stand on hit. the frame advantage is so high you get a free mixup and players will guess duck as throws and lows are very good for bob here. you can use a variety of bob's safe frame adv mids to discourage this. b+224 the 4 is mid and only -9 which is safe, and the 4 follow up to that is high but ncc. a good pressure string with an obvious weakness, so don't abuse it, still good sometimes though. b+2, then doing another mid poke is good at higher levels. b+2 is slightly negative on block, but if they are trying to twitch duck the followup, b+2, b+2 again is powerful.

df+2: very solid 15f counter hit launcher with some high avoidant frames (not a true high crush) primarily used to smack people for trying to jab you/be over aggressive with on block, pretty big hitbox and some slight tracking to the right. good to use when you're at frame advantage for a generally low risk high reward counter hit setup. but also will hit people in some unexpected situations, cd+1 then df+2 works surprisingly often even though it technically shouldn't. one of bob's best keepout tools.

df+1: pretty standard 14f mid with a 2 followup to punish attempts to interrupt, slightly negative on block, the 2 followup is punishable at -10, don't overuse it. great at the wall. also because people generally wont want to always try to attack after this move, pressure series with df+1, 1, df+1, db+3, 1 d+4 etc become very threatening and good.

cd(crouch dash, as in f, neutral, d, df)+1: decently fast high poke with a good hitbox, safe on block, high crush, grants combo on counter hit. one of bobs go to mid range pokes, usually use at tip range to catch them pressing buttons. keep in mind its a high though, so don't try to use it on moves that recover crouching or against chars spamming low stances (ling, eddy etc).

d+2 1: a mid mid string which is now -10 meaning at close ranges it can be jab punished. still a useful advancing poke to gain plus frames on hit, and can even be used as keep out to hit them trying to advance on you. but now you have to be more mindful of using it at tip range. the 22 followup is quite unsafe but the last 2hits are ncc meaning if they try to interrupt/punish just d+2 1 early they will be hit. d+2 hits low and really far away, an amazing move.

uf+1+2, 4_1+2: 16f high crush then tech jump move with exceptional range that can be used to bully, punish high attempts from a distance, wall splat, whiff punish etc. very very good move. uf+1+2 with no followup is -10, however if they try to jab punish it the 4 will screw for a combo. the 4 follow up is a high but completely safe on block that will also wallsplat if they are near the wall. the 1+2 followup does more damage but is launch punishable, both are natural combos. be careful about whiff punishing against moves that recover very low, because bob jumps, it can whiff even though it's mid.

cd+4, 1+2: this is bob's hellsweep, it is launch punishable on block (both hits), so you can't be predictable with it, however it does knockdown, and at the perfect distance will wallsplat. does decent damage on its own, but is necessary to apply more serious offensive pressure as bob...use the threat of this to make them duck then go mid.

d+1: this move is very good even after being nerfed like 6 times in a row lol, its a mid that hits on the ground with a big hitbox and knocks down on counter hit, fc d+4 seems gauranteed at closer ranges, mix up with crouch cancel (tap up) d+1 again, which will hit if they dont immediately stand and block. it also forces crouch on people who do block it. great when they are trying to attack you from a closer distance, and also in oki situations.

ff+2: solid advancing mid hitting move that also hits moving grounded opponents but whiffs on do nothing, knocks down and is safe with very good range and decent tracking.

db+1+2: this move has become one of my favorite whiff's not that fast at 18f, but high crushes very well, and is pretty evasive, i like the consistency with which you can juggle off whiff punish with this, and instead of doing say 40 damage with uf1+2, 1+2 or missing a cd 2 and getting launched and killed yourself, this move lets you do 62+ damage without a wall.

uf+3: its unsafe at-13 and quite slow at 20 f but its huge hitbox and good damage potential mean its still a pretty good move, you can use it to punish predictable lows at a higher risk than something like bb+4, which is safe but slower with a smaller hitbox.


good moves in mid/close range, moves that either evade pressure or apply it.

ss1+2: this move is amazing, you can use it offensively when you are at slight frame advantage or slight disadvantage and expect them to try to retaliate with a jab or something's highly evasive and has high crush properties, safe & knocks down, and can even wallsplat at the right range. if they dont tech the knockdown you can run up and get a free b+3 or d+1. one of bob's most abusable moves. forces crouch on block as well, doing b, f+1 after it's blocked will hit most retaliation attempts.

db+3+4, 4: this move is amazing unseeable low that while not super fast provides huge frame advantage on hit that generally allows you to continue your offense, best used up close when you have a high degree of frame advantage and they will generally be forced to block. this move makes people do things they don't want to of your best offensive tools. ff+2,d+2 1, and b+1+2 are some of my favorite followups if they'll press buttons.

db+3, this move is great, bob's best low risk low poke. it has pretty decent tracking but absolutely no evasion, but it's unseeable with decent range. it's better up close in similar situations to db+3+4, but as a lower risk/lower reward option. it now knocks down on counter hit for a guaranteed b+3, which is amazing considering the oki you get from grounded b+3 hits. it hits grounded quite consistently as well, and is only -12 on block and +2 on hit . people don't like to be hit by this move, or frame adv standing lows in general, 1 4 will interrupt basically anything but a low jab if they try to challenge you afterwards within range. b+2 is your fastest mid option which will trade with 11f moves and beat anything else. doing another db+3 is good too if they respect the frames or start stepping.

cd+1+2(hold): this move is a solid mid option from crouch dash and should be used in tandem with cd 4 for a solid mid/low mixup, it is safe on block, and the delay will catch flinchers trying to flash duck the cd 4. on hit i'll usually go for fff+3+4 which will hit if they stay grounded or usually give advantage on block if they wake up. this is now bob's main wall bounce move & is quite strong at the wall to catch duckers off of crouchdash mixups.

cd+3 4 now has a use, its -10 on block and easily steppable/floatable so you cant use it mindlessly, but you get a 60 damage combo on hit (cd+3 4 s! dash cd+1, df+1, df+1, d+2 3, b+3) i wouldn't recommend using cd+3 2 much, if they duck you will 100% get launched and it does not jail, raw cd+3 tends to beat os attempts against both followups.

db+4: a sort of slow low poke but is only -12 on block with good high crush properties & tracking. you usually shouldn't finish the string, as it can be punished but i think db 44 might be ncc. because it has a followup you can't simply ws4 punish it consistently due to the threat of it.

ff+1+2: your combo throw, it's a 1+2 break, not much more to say, you get a 46-58 or so combo from it (max damage is petty difficult), nothing spectacular but still useful.

f+1+2: bob's power crush, this move has improved a lot since it was introduced. it is now only -12 on block (down from more than -15, it used to be like a shoulder bash), and still high crushes/wall splats. powercrush moves blow through mids and highs, so it's worth using in situations where you think they'll try those moves in a situation where you have low frame advantage, generally pretty good reward at the wall.

db+2: a safe mid poke with a huge hitbox and good frame advantage on hit. i like this move after decent frame advantage in unsure situations. its 14f so as fast as df+1 but +6 on hit, which they're forced to respect. the animation also makes people respect the hit.

b+12 is a mid mid nc that gives good frame advantage on hit while being safe on block, the weird animation/delay between the hits often catches ancy players with the 2nd hit, a strong mid check option, but ends your offense on block.

*note some of the neutral moves are also good up close, such as df+1 and 1 variations


moves to use at the wall

bob's wall game is good, he can maintain the threat of a wall splat from a good distance, and he has some solid tech catch/ground hitting options, as well as a knockdown low in hellsweep.

uf+1+2, 4 is something you should always look for, to whiff punish or just pressure with. very good wallsplat move. the mid followup is launch punishable but makes the move way more difficult to deal with at the wall since you can't just duck without serious consequence. you can sometimes just do uf1+2 as well since it will make a smart player hesitate.

ss+1+2 can splat at certain angles

ff+2 is another safe mid splat, if hit hits close to the wall but not close enough to wallsplat and they are face down feet away, d+3+4 is guaranteed within range.

db+3 is your low risk low

hellsweep should be your primary high risk low from a distance, as it can splat at perfect distance.

up close db+3+4 4, while launch punishable on block, is unseeable and has no pushback at the wall and is +8 on hit force crouch, a very dangerous pressure situation for your opponent.

fc df, d, df 1+2 (belly blow throw) will also wallsplat off a 1+2 break, useful.

d+3+4 is an amazing move that has (nearly ) guaranteed tech catch setups, hits on the ground, and at certain ranges can even resplat itself. its unsafe on block, but at max range is difficult to punish due to pushback. use this if they stay on the ground. it resets into the same situation and does significant damage, even though its unsafe on block it will force techs.

cd1+2 (hold) will wall bounce and also and catch people trying to block hellsweep.

f+1+2 as aforementioned is a high crushing power crush that wallsplats and is -12.

f+2 3 is your 12f punisher and also wallsplats, use it when they try to desperation hopkick and you block it.

bob has other useful moves too...most of his moves have some use or another, but you pretty much can win with just these. most of his strings i didn't list are quite unsafe or have little practical use.

if anyone else has anything to add let me know and i'll add it to this post.

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
db+3 is now stagger on counter hit(at least +9) and also tracks slightly to Bobs left..F+1+2,his new power crush is also very useful especially at the wall...people block ss+1+2 try to press buttons and get powercrushed into a wallsplat...df+4 is also a very long range quick mid that can be invaluable for closing out rounds..ff+2 definitely does is his only safe launcher...f+4 is a very useful homing move and despite Bobs generally good tracking becomes more important than you would think at higher levels...lastly u+3+4 is a safe alternative to hopkick,it beats throws crushes lows and launches on counter hit...good move that bob players almost never use

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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
Ima let this tech go as well since I don't think anyone really knows about this...after bobs rage drive if you hold down right after it comes out instead of forward you will end up in full crouch instead of crappy spinnerball...if the rage drive hits you get a fc d+4 for free(making this a more damaging option to end combos with than rage art)..if it doesn't hit you don't have to go into crappy spinnerball and get hopkicked for are all very welcome...Bobs rage drive is still garbage tho

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
a word about his rage drive, after some testing, rage drive blocked into spinner ball 1 will trade with a crouch jab and beat anything but a super. hopkicks included. and yeah, you can also hold back to not go into the followup.

also made some updates including more details about what to do after moves, and a few more detailed explanations.
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Didn't know it was actually frame advantage into spinnerball...still tho a dick jab from your opponent stops all your options..on hit u get a guaranteed fc d+4 without spinnerball..if u go into spinner ball u just get really shitty mix ups..the move is pretty useless outside of a combo anyway...I'd take the guaranteed over the spinnerball mix

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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Did he get hit by the nerf hammer or something? I've been playin tekken for quite a while in local/small tournaments and no one used him, that's why I never went to the lab to train against him. But I always heard that he was a beast and ''op'' by some.

T7 comes up and I haven't seen one bob online. ''Why?'' I thought. SO I finally went to the lab and I saw nothing really specialo...that's why I'm asking. All I know is that his combos are not super good. i'm curious here.
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
The NAMCOPS went Rodney King on Bob's ass with the nerf bat..lmao he's just not top tier in this game like he used to be in T6 and Tag2...the only buffs he got was his new wall combo and his new headbutt extension..his dmg is nerfed...he can't launch until 18f standing..db+3+4,4 nerfed.his range is nerfed..and he prolly has the WORST rage drive in the entire game..i could go on
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
I main Gigas so he is a huge improvement
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