[PC/PS4/XB1] Bug Reporting & Feedback Thread

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Flying Wonkey
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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
Contrary to popular belief, the developers do read through TZ. Let's make their lives a little bit easier and and congregate all the bug reporting and constructive feedback into this thread. If you want to report a bug, please list the platform (If PC, list specs if necessary) and how to reproduce it.



- [PC] Colors washing out in the Twilight Conflict Stage

In this stage, causing a trade makes the slow-mo and zoom in trigger with the colour effect but the colour effect still persists after the trade and lasts for the whole match.


After a move trade:

- [PC] Game crashes when saving a customization in Borderless Windowed Mode

If you have the game set to using Borderless Windowed Mode, taking a shot to save a customization causes a D3D device error.

Image: https://abload.de/img/3fms3c.jpg

- Online Communication Error Bug

- Paul Balcony Break bug (Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TV9Ciu7RvgI)
- Bryan running over Jack after a wall combo (Twitch clip: https://clips.twitch.tv/TangentialV...ousDootRickroll)
- Feng's qcf+1 goes through moves since a million years
- Lili b+2,1 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G_fKJubDKds


    - Reduce the PS4 input lag as much as possible. Currently there's a noticeable difference in terms of gameplay feel between the PC version and the PS4.
    - Tournament Mode needs host migration since the entire thing disbands when the host leaves a tournament prematurely. Penalty for people leaving early.
    - Replay System as well as a way to look at replays of other players.
    - Save your last selection in character select screen as well as the last custom selection in case you hate scrolling through it all the time.
    - Warm-Up Space is alright but having it be the full training mode instead would be better.
    - If not, Fight Request during Training Mode or Treasure Mode plz.
    - Online Training Mode like in TTT2.
    - Ability to reset position in training mode without a legacy controller or touch pad. (By default, set to touchpad)
    - Allow deathmatching lobbies online when set to only 2 people only. So they can rematch each other endlessly without going back to character select / stage select.

... There's probably a million others I'm missing so feel free to contribute.

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#2 “Quote” Edit Post
Leaderboards not showing your friends' ranks, unless they're Genbu+


Either bring back online practice mode or the unlimited time option in matches
Make final round stages selectable in practice mode
Reduce loading time after stage interactions have been used (floor/wall/balcony break) (Tag2 was instant )

Wishful thinking:
Revert 7.0 stages to 7.0 art style (no filters)
Unbiased balancing

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#3 “Quote” Edit Post

- dont show playername (+profil picture) in ranked but only rank, connection and disconnection rate (reduce the duck situation)
--- in addition add a wifi symbol
- on 5 bars forced to play
--- if wifi symbol you can always cancel
- internal memory to remember the last fighters for 3 minutes. so you wont get the same person 3 or more times in a row just to mess with the queue system, BOTH players just sit there and wait ...
- tune the online netcode as much as possible
- try to get PC and PS4 input lag more even (this could kill tekken if splitting it like that)
- adjusting some hitbox/hurtbox issues (example: steves uf3 against kuma, i mean its idle stance and its supposed to not hit?)
- tweak tournament mode so the host cant kill the session
- [edit] i prefer a 2/3 system for the most satisfying feeling (salty 1:1 meh and endless feels weird for ranked)

get into Tekken Feedback:
- 10 task per fighter with a feeling of progression (nothing super hard just a fun mode to learn and get a feel for the fighter - leave extreme stuff for combomakers)
- more infos in the command list (overhaul the overview too)
- a little tutorial showing every "generic" move in the game (like wakeup 3+4,toekick,walltech,breaking throws,how a powercrush works etc.)
- add online practice mode like tt2

quality of life:
- while playing practice mode let the game search for ranked/quick play if i want (warm up 2.0)
- remember the last picked Outfit (see tt2)

- arcade mode with 10 fights
- bringblackback (you really dont need to be that radical namco ... (just delete 3 rows not 21))
- fixing and adjusting the customization mode
- vanilla maps as a alternate version (by pressing a button you change the map state/time, you dont need to add 40 maps on that map list)
- adjust treasure battle = 3 rounds and the possibility to pick a fighter (also make it possible to skip treasures entirely and keep the gameflow faster)
- let me pick the second version of a map in practice mode (for example it would be nice to have the red infinite stage in practice mode)
- [edit] i really miss the tt2 replay function tbh (sad with the slow mo feature in mind)
- [edit] let me change the 2P controller buttons in practice mode
- [edit] add a visual effect when a rageart is interrupted - first 8 frames (like powercrush just in red)

edit: because TZ doesnt have a like button, you better post all stuff you like too/want to see a change
(for a better feedback overview - who gives a shit about a single opinion )

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post

-Teleporting wall stun in Devil's Pit, Brimstone and Fire, and Precipice of Fate. This is really gamebreaking
-Master Raven hitboxes. There are some cases where a move doesn't reach to her.
-Also bear hitboxes. Such as steve uf+3 not hitting
-Paul idle stance slightly moving across the stage (though people would always move in a fight ofc, probably not needing a fix)
-Online: Players facing an entirely different character in the revenge match, but that character is still controlled by the same opponent. What usually happens is, two players in the same match would have different characters in their screens, so the flow of the match becomes entirely different for each of them.


-Make warm-up mode a full practice mode
-Ability to queue a match while playing offline modes
-No more VS screen during revenge match
-Rage quits should count as a loss (and demotion if any) to the quitting player while a win (and promotion if any) to the other player
-Instant connect to a match when one is found like in TR

-Allow all character intro and win poses in customization model viewer, and give us the option to freeze a frame in the animation and take a shot of the pose with a custom angle
-TTT2/T6 hair customization system
-Better color saturations, TTT2 color system, and bring back black
-Clothing for bears (though I guess clipping issues with the fur is the cause of its absence)

-Add more stages with stage interactions. We only have 5 stages with that (Jungle Outpost, Twilight Conflict, Forgotten Realm, Duomo di Sirio, GCorp Helipad both versions)
- Vanilla T7 stages
-Include the night version of Infinite Azure outside VR mode
-Make the match point stages selectible

Arcade mode
-10 stage arcade mode (6 normal battles, Heihachi with his story mode form, Akuma, Kazumi/Devil Kazumi, and Kazuya/Devil Kazuya)
-Improve the bosses AI
-Add an incentive to play this mode. 5 stages only, weak AI and the bosses being present in Treasure Battle, no endings since there is a story mode now, is what discourages players from playing this mode. Maybe include arcade exclusive endings that does not really follow what's actually happening in the story (such as an ending of Gigas rampaging in the streets, completely unrelated to his episode, an ending of any character winning the tournament, doesn't have to be canon).

Treasure Battle
-Adjustable round numbers
-Devils Pit infinite stage accessible
-Ability to pick the next opponent
-Lesser gold (or no gold) in treasure chests. We get a lot of them, making buying items quicker. Make the grind longer.
-Add more incentives to play this mode after unlocking everything

VS mode
-Add tournament settings toggle option in the character select screen, so that if we want to turn it on we don't need to exit and go to the options menu

Practice mode (or training in general)
-Why not another in depth tutorial mode like TTT2's fight lab? Note that a lot of new players aren't aware of the screw attack which is the most vital and basic aspect of a juggle
-Bring back command training, including juggle training
-Ability to save a position so that when you fail the combo you don't have to spend minutes getting back into that position again
-Ability to set CPU opponent action 2 when action 1 is set to "repeat action"

-Improve the AI, right now it's AS (Artificial Stupidity). Runs into fireballs and tigers making Treasure Battle an easy grind with Akuma, Eliza and Kazumi. Make them perform combos once again, block properly (they do not even block Rage Arts!), program them to punish moves (but not 100% of the time), adjust to the player's playstyle.

-Show the sample combos again in the command list in the other modes. It's a hassle to forget a combo and have to exit and go back to practice mode just to see it.
-Ability to turn off HUD for a more cinematic experience. Now that I mention cinematic, why not consider a feature similar to GTA 5's Rockstar Editor?
-Team Battle and Survival pls (no Time Attack needed, it's basically a clone of arcade mode)
-Replay gallery
-Ability to download ghost data from other players online to fight in Treasure battle

I apologize for being this desperate lol

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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Quick feedfack:

- Adding an Ignore List: Cause when i have only 2 hours per a days to play, i don't want to waste it to play with some lowtier ragequitters jerks that didn't understand shit about Tekken/ Fighting Games.
- Ghost Mode (3 rounds, with exclusive normal fight, without the extra modes like Turbo mode ans cie)
- Obviously i'd like to see black color back, the hairs looks so wack with the gray shit.

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5th Dan
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Before this thread gets out of hand,. is this a Bug report / Feedback thread or another Wishlist?

-Customizations in general seems to have taken a giant step backwards since previous titles
-Arcade mode seems pointless
-I really think the 'Treasure' system has greatly improved in T7!
-'Jukebox' was an option I didnt know I needed.
-Some of the Animations during Customization are rendered pretty useless due to the 'camera' being fixed too close.
-Treasure Battle opponents could use a bigger pool per rank. Sometimes you can fight the same customized character mulitple times.
-The added features to Practice Mode are great!
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
Primary Feedback
-Optional Auto-accept-match mode, where all matches within your rank&connection settings are accepted automatically and don't bother me if someone declines or can't connect, I don't care
-Infinite Revenge matches
-Remove lag from Practice mode menus
-Remove lag after Practice mode Restart

Secondary Feedback
-Ability to queue up for online matches during all other modes/menus
-Auto-accept match when time runs out on match prompt
-Ability to forfeit during online match, or at least proper handling of when opponent quits on me.
-Matchmaking memory to not to suggest opponents who declined me or I decline them (as well as those who forfeited/I forfeited against) Same if it cannot connect to someone. Memory doesn't need to last beyond proper exiting of the game (but remember beyond game crashing) or few hours at least. Just don't keep suggesting someone who will decline me or someone I will decline over and over again.

-Allow Reset while recording action in practice mode as well immediate redo of the recording with another press of select+right kick
-Since the engine support slow motion, allow for slow motion settings in practice mode.
-Allow practice mode menus & functions to be bound to buttons, such as one button restart, counter hit toggle, quick menu for switching positions or rage toggle etc. If you want to go the extra mile, add "hold" option where if you hold down reset, it open quick menu for resetting options.
-Allow swapping between dummy & controllable characters in practice without reloading.

-Release info on how change the songs on the stages, even if anonymously somewhere.
-Random character choice with right punch to also pick random customization.
-If you add replay playback, do it in practice mode so I can jump into the match to control either character and see what would've happened had I done things differently. And add "show replay" to the after-match-choices-list-thing. Oh and make it easy to share the files containing the replays, even if you have your own system uploading/downloading them.
Lucky Lili
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
player lobby bug ?:

- randomly players will be able to join, but not be able to play. they'll be hitting accept, but it will just skip their turn.
- after a match is over, a bug will start where it'll take maybe 15-20 seconds for the other player to be able to accept the match [noticed this in 1v1 lobbies]

noticed this happens in both ps4 and pc
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Originally posted by Lukmendes
I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
Unable to set controller button layout for 2p controller in practice mode
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post

- Guests of a lobby unable to press accept to get ready, resulting in skipping their turn in lobbies with multiple people or having to wait a minute for the timer to ran out in 1v1 rooms.


- Unbiased balancing. No unnecessary nerfs to low tier characters or buffs to top tiers. A brief explaination of every buff and nerf in the patch notes of the future updates would be much appreciated by the competitive scene.

- Tune the bears hitboxes. Some characters moves whiffs on their idle stance, some other moves become launchers, some characters get unfair damage on them [example1 example2].

- #BlackCustomsMatter. Only limit the color pick for the specific costumes that caused the issue. It's something they already did in TTT2, not allowing certain clothing to be skin-colored.

- Give some clothing options to Kuma, the Tekken 3 scarf&spiky bracelet or the Tekken 4 shirt&shoes can't be so hard to make. Give us the option to recolor his default outfit and his fur at least.

- Add a turbo toggle to practice mode, it will increase the longevity of the game with people making the craziest combo videos!

- Support this guy and the fantastic job he's doing with the framedata overlay.
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#11 “Quote” Edit Post

Make the current FR version of stages a transition from 7.0 or vice versa for final round for example:

- FR Souq to 7.0 Souq (early morning to afternoon)
- 7.0 Jungle to FR Jungle (afternoon to dusk)
- FR twilight to 7.0 twilight (day to sunset)
- temple stage slowly progress from FR version to 7?0 throughout the match
- remove FR devil's pit version entirely
- Dragon Nest is fine

Practice Mode:

- Allow turbo mode activation to get access to turbo mode exclusive combos (example Lili BT d3+4 BT d3,4 df3+4 BT 2 S! Combo etc)
- Allow rage life gauge level simulation to check the varying RA damage

System wise:
- reduce input lag on ps4


- show "new challenger" like tag2 before an opponent comes up
- show "revenge match" like arcade when someone accepts one
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#12 “Quote” Edit Post

-Mishima Building: 2nd phase sometimes has the elevator "legs" still in the background causing framerate drops

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#13 “Quote” Edit Post
Found another bug... When a stage with a transition gets selected (ie dragon nest) in random mode in practice it gets you to the final round version of it with the first versions OST
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#14 “Quote” Edit Post
Just coming back from a SFV online session, and i realize that T7 netcode is still not good enough even after the last patch.
5th Dan
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#15 “Quote” Edit Post
If the round winning hit triggers a wall splat animation, the splat animation doesnt slow-mo at the same rate the hit does.
(Character splats before round winning hit, hits.)
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#16 “Quote” Edit Post
When using multiple monitors with the game on full-screen mode, sometimes alt-tabbing changes the monitor the game comes back on.
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#17 “Quote” Edit Post
PC version here. Is this a Bug that Walls appear Like this instead of disappearing(Violet Labs stage) ?
5th Dan
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#18 “Quote” Edit Post
In Player Match\Create Session the lobby names are limited to 8 characters. I wonder what the reason behind it is and if can it be increased?
5th Dan
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#19 “Quote” Edit Post
With a vertical taskbar on the left side and borderless screen mode the game screen's position is off (in Windows 10).
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#20 “Quote” Edit Post

I really wish Namco would add the option to invite one player during non-ranked quick match mode. Allowing endless rematches without having to pick a new character and stage is really cool because it loads MUCH faster, but in non-ranked mode that only works vs. random opponents. Let us choose who we want to play in that mode, and also allow character/stage switching as an option when the match ends.


Some players have asked for the ability to disable the custom costumes worn by their online opponents (the opponents would still see their own customs, though).

Since Namco obviously doesn't want that, maybe a compromise can be allowing people to customize opponents themselves (again, only locally). That way, Namco will generate even more interest of people in using customs because they would no longer solely dress up their own character. I for one would take the time to make a lot of low-key customs for all the characters in the game if it were allowed, so the idea will get people more interested in buying DLC packs or the Deluxe edition while making people who hate seeing gaudy outfits online happy as well.

Have the game randomly select one of our opponent customs if we choose to turn the feature on, and give us enough slots to make several of them. The exception to customizing would be interactive items, of course. Those items would still be decided only by the online opponent wearing it.


One more suggestion: it would be great if we could turn off the counterhit flashing on the PS4 controller. It's especially annoying on the latest version which has an extra light bar on the touchpad. It is noticeable mainly when watching other players fight in lobbies. It serves no useful purpose, so let us disable it.

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