Tekken 7.0 - Claudio's Frame Data

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Claudio's frame data in tekken 7 vanilla

1 +1 on block, +8 on hit, +8 on ch
1,2 -1 on block, +6 on hit, +6 on ch
2 12f, 0 on block
2,1 -11 on block, around 0 on hit
2,1,2 -13 on block
4 12f
4,3 -9 on block
1+2 17f, -14 on block
1+2, d+1+2, f+2 -10 on block
3+4 27f, -10 on block
f+2 12f
f+2,1 -13 on block
f+2,1,1+2 -18 on block
f2,2 12f punisher, -24 on block
f+3 around 18f, -9 on block
f+4 22f, +3 on block
f+1+2 16f, -15 on block
f+3+4 17f, +4 on block
d/f+1 15f, -2 on block
d/f+1,2 -15 on block
d/f+2 14f, -13 on block
d/f+3,1 14f, -13 on block
d/f+3,2 14f, -2 on block
d+1 17f
d+1,2 -11 on block
d+2 -11 on block
d+1+2 13~14f, -18 on block
d/b+2,1 10/11f -15 on block
d/b+3 24f, -17 on block, +1 on hit
d/b+4 around 15f, -11 on block, around 0 on hit
d/b+4,3 -9 on block
d/b+1+2 unblockable
b+1 18f, -12 on block
b+2 14f punisher, -9 on block
b+3 13f, -4 on block, +7 on hit
b+4 17f, -14 on block
b+4,2 -9 on block
b+4,3 -15 on block
b+1+2 power crush, 22f, -12 on block, around +5 on hit and ch
b+3+4 +4 on block
u/f+2 +9 on block,
u/f+3 23f, +1 on block, +6 on hit
u/f+4 15f, -13 on block
ff+2 15/16f, -19 on block
ff+2,2 -6 on block, high version
ff+2,1+2 -13 on block, mid version
ff+4 -5 on block
fff+2 +7 on block

ws+1 12f ws punisher, still not tested, probably safe on block
ws+1,1 -12 on block, around +8 on hit
ws+2 15f ws punisher, -14 on block
ws+3 16f, around -5 on block

ss+4 around 20/30f, -11 on block, +3 on hit

STB f+1+2,1+2 -9 on block
STB d+2,2 -12 on block
STB b+4,3,2 -10 on block



10f: 1,2
11f: 2,1
12f: f+2,2
13f: b+3 (f+2,2 is a better punisher if it reaches)
14f: b+2
15f: u/f+4 or d/f+1,2
16f: STB f+1+2, 1+2

While standing:

10f: d+1 (standard crouch jab)
11f: ws+4
12f: ws+1,1
15f: ws+2 or u/f+4

flee free to correct me if something is wrong
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