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Originally posted by mhou
Law just keeps spamming ff3 and db4,4
ff3 is such a cheap move, ss the kick requires precise timing. The frame data says it's -15 on block but I'm pretty sure it's a + frame. Any good idea than spacing and whiff punish this crazy kick?

Yeah, law f,f+3 can be kinda hard to deal with, given that its range is modifiable, it can lead to DSS (notably DSS 1+2 or f+1 for dealing with highs), and as a rage counter hit, it takes away around 50% health.

If you block it, stay safely away. You could try kazuya's f+1+2 sabaki or heihachi's raijin stance if you expect a punch from DSS. If you feel another f,f+3 coming from DSS, heihachi's b+1+4 is nice to introduce some fear.

Stepping is better always though.

Dragon's tail sucks (except when you dont use the flipkick followup and instead do an u/f+3+4 on the opponent's face). Just practice seeing it and blocking.
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Wow this place is dead.

What do you guys do to defeat grounded stance gimmicks, like with Lei and Chreddy? Only thing I can think of is generic d+4 to knock them into regular grounded state so you can transition into a 50/50 crouch dash
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Well what I do with is just wait it out and stay out of their range as you are walking into the lion's den if you approach a capo in relax or a lei on the ground. Really got to be patient, my matches against capo players more than often run the whole clock. I mainly use d/b+3 and 4~3 to hit grounded in those situations. b+2 for pickups of course. 4~3 has done a lot for me in those matchups, the range is just good enough on to attack from outside a lot of their moves in those stances. Side walking is also pretty good, especially against capos. Lei can sort of re-align. If you keep moving right the second hit of slippery kicks will not hit even if the first connects and you can float if you are expecting it to happen.

For Lei players I find you need to beat them out of the grounded stuff enough until they stand up, then you can attempt some sort of "normal" neutral game. Capos will go into relax until they are blue in the face so you gotta be on top of when you can float them with b+2 and try to get good damage without tag assaulting as a rage ch b+1,4 will do at least like 80% or more. Unless you want to intentionally bait it out.
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d/f+3? But being patient is the best thing to do against them.

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