MIGUEL: Next Level of Manliness [TTT2 Info]

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Kazama Slamma
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#261 “Quote” Edit Post
What is Miguel's best string to use for BT?
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#262 “Quote” Edit Post
What is Miguels best options to close gap? I know he has multiple very good long ranged attacks so what is his best options? from really far f2+3 hits. Lets assume he has low hp (no rage) the opponent has very good keepout (ogre2). What would Miguel do when Ogre2 just plays keepout game?
Baron West
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#263 “Quote” Edit Post
Does Miguel have anything better than df+3,2 to punish Lee's Blazing Kick?
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3rd Dan
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#264 “Quote” Edit Post
wow nobody answered? you probably know by now but anyways you can use f4,2 to punish a blazing kick
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Lone Wolf
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#265 “Quote” Edit Post
First of all these should work on T6

I am new with Miguel. My questions are:

What is his practical wall carry combo?

What is a good combo(but not super hard) from a launcher(far from the wall so no wall carry combo will be used)?

If Miguel's opponant wall splat, what moves are good to use?

If Miguel's opponent are behind the wall what moves are good to use?

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#266 “Quote” Edit Post
Midscreen combo:

launch, df+1~f, SAV uf+3, df+4,1, df+2,2 B!, dash df+4,1,1_f,f+2,2


launch, df+1~f, SAV uf+3, df+4,1~f, SAV 1,2,1

You can substitute the SAV uf+3 with SAV df+1 for a slightly easier combo/less damage.
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#267 “Quote” Edit Post
if you are too close at the wall for SAV 1,2,1 i usually finish df4,1,1 or do SAV uf3/SAV 1,1

if you get a launch really close to the wall i do f1+2 W!

b4 at the wall
Lone Wolf
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#268 “Quote” Edit Post
can be ff 2,2 confirmed? i mean, is it reliable?
6th Dan
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#269 “Quote” Edit Post
df+1f~ SAV db+3f~ SAV uf+3, not sure this is a good option select. Sure is this good enough?
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#270 “Quote” Edit Post
Does Miguel have anything guaranteed off of a CH db+4? I know ff+2,1 will catch the opponent getting up, but is there something he can do if they're grounded?
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#271 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by LegendaryDJ
Does Miguel have anything guaranteed off of a CH db+4? I know ff+2,1 will catch the opponent getting up, but is there something he can do if they're grounded?
Nothing guaranteed. f2+3 will also catch them getting up. If they stay down you can opt for a dash d3 stomp.
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