Fengs Top 10 Moves

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1. QCF+1
Feng's best move imo! This move has gotten me lots of wins. Very underused!

2. uf+2
I find that I usually win the match when I remember to use uf+2. It stuffs out everything the opponent does. Especially good after a blocked df+1 or blocked 4~3.

3. df+1
Essential for a good Feng.

4. f+1,1,2
My favorite poke with Feng. If the second hit is a CH, the third hit should whiff, and Feng gets a combo.

5. d,DF,N,3~Tag
iWS+3~Tag is a great long range whiff punisher, not too bad on block.

6. d+2
High crushing low poke. 22 points of damage, only -12 on block, 0 on hit, knockdown on CH!

7. 4~3
Like a Devil Jin u+4, 4~3 high and low crushes. 0 on block, hits grounded, tons of range, 33 points of damage, knockdown on CH.

8. WS+4
Feng's WS+4 can be done as d,DF,N,4 or QCF+4. I just like iWS+4 more than iWS+1 since it does more damage. Thats just me.

9. BT d+4
Comes out too fast to see! Great after a 1,2,2,b punish.

10. 2,4
I almost never use the third hit of the 2,4,1 string, but I use 2,4 a ton! Great poke!

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Joined: Jan 2009
Posts: 3808
From: Canada
PSN: Forest613
XBL: ForestSkies
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I use Headflip 4~3 sooooo much. VS grounded, for long range, it tracks really well, it's VERY safe, CH knockdown, crushes like a Devil Jin u+4, almost, it just goes on and on. I often think to myself when watching Hao lose to other Koreans that if he just used 4~3 more, he would do so much better.

Heavy Hammer d+2 is Feng's best low. -12 on block, -1 on normal hit and FC, CH knockdown. Great range. I even use it to floorbreak sometimes in combos!

Bow Kick QCF+3 or d,DF,N,3 is of course Feng's staple move. If you don't know why, you are probably a Feng who has a million losses and who does f+3,4 all the time and wonders why they lose so much. iWS+3 is -12~-11.

Soaring Eagle hopkick uf+4 crushes just as much as any other hopkick. Maybe a bit less range, but hey, it is a hopkick.

Iron Fortress b+1+2 always has to be in the back of your mind when using Feng. It is his primary, and often his ONLY, punisher.

BT d+4 is a simple low from BT, but it recovers crouching! You can use FC df+1 as a mixup to WS+3~Tag after it hits as a FC mixup.

Stunning Palm df+1 of course, his main move, almost, has to be in his top ten. I often do multiple df+1s, just holding df and mashing 1. They tend to get scared and duck after one or two. You can also mix in an uf+2 to avoid any crush and to followup a mid with a mid for those Asuka Can-can kicks mashers.

Fish Hook b+4 is really bad on block even though it is safe, but it is a fast mid with tracking. Feng's real homing move is too slow to use most of the time, so b+4 is your homing move, really, even though it isn't.

Front Kick df+4 is my replacement to f+3. I NEVER use f+3,4 except maybe to punish an obvious punish opportunity like a raw Tag. f+3 is 21f, really slow. But df+4 is 15f. Less range of course, but it works well for me.

Landslide QCF+1 is a low attack that does crazy damage, is -14 on block, and new in TTT2, a CH launcher for way over half. It will go under mids. It is your mixup out of Roll Dash, QCF, to QCF+3~Tag or d,DF,N,3, which has more range than just QCF+3. Don't be a bitch, use iWS+3 as the mixup to QCF+1 and go for the launch. iWS+3 is only -12~-11.

Notable omissions:

f,f+2 is a slower version of Jin's Demon's Paw. Safe and wallsplats.

db+4 BT d+3 and SS+4 are good lows but very risky, I just like to play safer.

I almost never use Feng's b+3+4 or f+3+4 stances, I just keep it simple.

FC df+1 is good. -13, -2 on hit, CH knockdown.

d+1 is Feng's low punch from standing

d+4,1+2 is a great move, especially at the wall

f+1,1,2 great poke

uf+2 great poke

df+3 is slow and lacks range and tracking but is a safe launcher

SS+2 is a high homing move, end BT, -1 on block.

b+1 and standing basic 4 are almost the same, except one is punishable and the other is slightly slower. b+1 is -10 on block and 10f, standing 4 is 11f and -6 on block. You can get a bit more guaranteed damage after both.

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