Good Tag Partners for Hwoarang?

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Baek and Hwo seems to be pretty crazy purely because baek's ability to FLA side step 3,4,4. WS2,1 B! Into their specific combo. I hit that at least once every match almost. Also the combo they get from Hworang's FLA sweep. Baek ff4,3 > Hwo 3~4, df3+4.

When looking for a partner i would look for someone to be able to get a lot of damage off FLA sweep. A long wall combo by themselves and a strong pre bound combo to really benefit from B3~5 from Hwo.

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I use HWO/Asuka but in saing that i dont use any tag combos. But they do look great together
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I normally play Hwoarang/Leo, which imo is a solid team. I recently started picking up Kuma for a Hwoarang/Kuma duo. Im still new to Kuma but so far those two can put out the damage and interesting juggles. Does anyone else who happens to play Kuma/Hwo have any tips?
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I use Hwo/Lili these two give you big damage
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a good partners for hwoarang
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