Nina - Low Parry Combos - Varying Difficulty

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A Nina Low Parry Thread

I searched around on TZ and found nothing really on low parry combos, so I thought I'd make a thread and see what Low Parry combos people use. Especially since Nina has the most damaging Low Parry without walls.

Feel free to add more low parries since others might have better or easier combo's.
Here's also some staples that I use depending on the situation.

1) Low Parry, b22, b222 - 35dmg
2) Low Parry, b22, 1, f433 - 37dmg
3) Low Parry, uf3, df1, b222 - 39dmg

4) Low Parry, df32~d, ss1~b~uf4, ff3 - 41dmg
5) Low Parry, qcf1, df32, 1, qcf423 - 45dmg

6) Low Parry, df32~d, ss1~f~n1, iWS1x3, ff3 - 53dmg
7) Low Parry, ssr, df32, iWS1x5, ff3 - 53dmg

*Very Hard*
8) Low Parry, ss1~b~uf4, iWS1x6, ff3 - 65dmg
9) Low Parry, ss1~b~UFn4, iWSx6, ff3 - 66dmg

Quick warning: If you do any Low Parry combo which includes iWS1's you need to step to Nina's right, if the combo does not include iWS1's you can step either direction.

Enjoy the most damaging low parry in the game. (without walls)

Here's a video of #8 with command history ON. (Low Parry, ss1~b~uf4, iWS1x6, ff3 - 65dmg)

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