Jun Kazama Frame Trap

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Greetings everyone,

I've been playing a decent Jun for a little under a year and fortunately however I've picked on a tech trap all Jun players should know about whether your a beginner or advanced.

*1st off the most crucial part on this is capitalizing on her f+2 . Even if it misses or your opponent just lays there they'll be in PLD. So the one risk is that this solely relies on the tech roll for the f+2(But the chances of getting hit if it misses are slim. You'll have time to guard before they get up since they'll be face up & feet away anyway). It's safer then it looks. It's also expected to leave a full health meter empty.

To begin the frame trap:

f+4~f,1+4,[f+3,IZU,1,2(b+2,1,IZU,1,2)]<d/b+1+2<+2, b+3,2,d/f+2,2,b+2,1,IZU,1+2

And If you want a tag combo from it just B! from the d/f+2,2

Here's what it looks like (and the tag version is in the description)

Here's the video guide that gets more in depth

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