King's Nerf's in TT2

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Originally posted by Howling
As for the scope of the thread, I think king got nerfed yes, but his design is very favorable to this game. he would have been far broken otherwise. IMO, he's a solid mid at the very least, and a mid high at best.

Please tell this to the scrubs at the tier list thread...
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Nah, let the dogs bark man... let the dogs bark. What good will come from doing otherwise?
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Originally posted by noodalls
Didn't think I'd ever say it, but you guys need to try to be more like Star Saber when you post.
rawr, bidge.
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Originally posted by DEATH
Please tell this to the scrubs at the tier list thread...

Why'd you even go there?

I find sometimes it's a waste of time coming HERE as opposed to actually playing the game since very little people here are actually contributing and testing new shit (no updates on the combo and oki list for a while).
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d+1+2 is pretty much a high risk/reward move. I mainly use it to whiff punish at the right range, or a raw tag punisher on scrubs. i was hoping for a good tag launcher apart from FC df+2.
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