Slim Bob Differences

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The original Bob has a sort of grab/launcher whatever that is which Sbob cannot do. So I guess that's a loss; then there's a sort of a wall splat, what is it f 1+2? which was probably better for Bob (Sbob falls on his butt, he's so cute). Can punish quite a number of moves with that though from what I've seen. The launcher was pretty useful I guess, but being that many use Bob-Sbob tag team, I think they can live without it.

I hope he stays like this, I don't care about the original Bob.
Tekken Lord Black
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The only thing that changes between bob and slim bob is the voice.
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Huh...Slim Bob can 2+4~5 but Bob can't.
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Originally posted by IKARI263
The damage is the same he has a better step game. Only a few moves have lost range. Due to the step improvement i think hes better

Which moves have you noticed that lost range?
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