Steve vs ... anti character strat thread

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Name of thread says it all. Please this is a community effort so if someone makes a mistake correct it. and to the person who made the mistake don't get mad which I doubt people would.

this is going to be mostly a thread on Lili vs [character] thread... if you're having trouble with a certain character, post and hopefully some strats will be given.

this thread is moreso for medium to higher level players ... players who have difficulty doing normal juggles [except for uui] should probably learn the fundamentals of the game such as punishment, juggles, etc first ... because that will help you far more than anti-characters strats.

ff+2 is -12




d+4,1 and df+3,2 second hits are duckable

Armor King

her parry bothering you well did you know if you bait it you can launch her for it...grabs and lows aren't your only options. If your opponent is parry happy use PAB df+2 and launch that bitch. remember she can't parry anything other than hands and feet so kill with elbows in steve case


Step Right

b+2,2,4,4 is mhmh. duck second hit and punish with ws1,2.If your oppent does the full string, ws+1+2 his Fat ass
ws+2,1 punish with SF, uf+2
ws+1,2 duck second hit and ws+1+2
1+2 is -13
1+2 b is like -30 something. if you predict more like see it, ff+2 bob fat ass. not sure if you can do dck+1 and pick them up as I haven't tested it but I bet you can.
1+2, 1+2 is -20
f+1+2 punish with uf+2
cd+2 punish with uf+2

Slim Bob



b3,3~relax now this was a big issue and very hard to deal with. SF works sometimes and can interrupt some of the follow ups after relax but not all but after I went into practice mode I found out that d2,1~dck is your best opinion to stopping everything as of right now. Due to change if I find something other wise

Craig Marduk
ssl mostly everything but be careful of df+1 which tracks left
df+1 is -12



Devil Jin

Feng Wei

Forest Law


df+1,1 is mh can duck 2nd hit

people say ssl but thats wrong. ssr against hwo. even against his mix-ups


after ff+1 all options can be stepped right but if you think they will do ws+3 which tracks both ways just step block

Step Left
1,2,3 sidestep right and uf+2 his ass
1,2,4 duck under last hit and ws launch
df+1, 4 duck and launch (you will see this if your back is to the wall ALOT!)
1+2 SF

He has no 13-Frame df+1. so you can presssure him better than other characters.

Df+1,1 is Mid High. Duck the 2nd. It is Easy Once u get used to it.

DB+2 is -12
DB+2,1 is Low High and nc and you can duck second hit if first is blocked
db+3 is -26 so punish that shit
DB+3,1 is a Low Mid clean hit knd nc, that will give a wallsplat somertimes. non clean hit its -12
Duck 2nd Hit of b+1,2
df+2,1 is -16
1,2 is -17
d+2,1 is -9 so jinpachi can't move so you can
a) grab
b) use a mov to put you in plus frames
c) risk the db3,2

you can ssl his fc mixups.

DF+2 is -12 itself







df+1 is -1 mid if they try to pressure you, b+1 them.
don't let him get away with df+1 pressure. you can step right uf+2 or to be safe 112 them
2,1,4 hhl last hit -16
2,2,3 last hit duck-able launch it

main game plan is to bait d+3 and punish it.




Very linear character
SW to Her Left

Not a lot of good lows if any TBH no need to random duck vs Ling at all and they are all see-able.
Don't whiff, Ling is Solid at whiff Punishing and don't chase I notice a few players do this it will just get you mixed the fuck up.

Marshal Law
123 is -9
3,3 is h, m -14 on block



df+1 is -2 not -1
df+1,1 is mh and doesn't jail so you can duck the second hit.

Usually don't be so close on Miguel, all you have to do is space.

There's no reason to duck on her. her only scary low is whip the floor(wtf) you can mainly ssr her
ss+2 is -14 so SF it


main plan is to space and ssl
DEATHFISH punishers f,f+2, d/f+1+2 please don't allow abuse of this move




Sergei Dragunov
Dragunov has very good punishers compared to some other characters, so try not pressure to hard - especially if you're a fan of using full strings. pick your spots just like any other character.

WR+2, b+1+2, (b+4,2) 1, ff+3, 4,4 are all positive on block, d+1 is even on block. Most of these have flaws:
- WR+2: If you anticipate it, sidestep or sidewalk it. If a Dragunov whiffs this move on you, launch punish it because the recovery frames are ridiculously poor.
- b+4,2,1: If you block the first two hits, duck the last hit which gives positive frames and launch punish if you can. If the second part hits you, the third part also hits as natural combo. b+4,2 are both mids.
- 4,4: If you block the first hit, you can interrupt the second hit with a jab and then go into a combo.
ff+3 is a high but you can't always anticipate it because it has incredible range and is quite fast. b+1,2 is quite slow.

- b+2,1,3 - the 1 can be ducked, if you block it, the 3 is low so block low, if you expect the grab to come out you can crouch jab them out of it or break with 1+2.
- df+1,4 - df+1 is a good mid poke for Dragunov but the followup is a high and is only natural combo on counter hit, so duck the followup.
- f+2,4 - Not looking for flaws here, this is a safe string. Do not try to interrupt it because the 4 on counter hit leads to a full combo.
- b+4,3 - Goes along with b+4,2,1. These two strings are very decent and Dragunov's like to mix them up. With b+4,3, the 3 can be ducked, but be careful because as said above if you get hit by the 2 in b+4,2,1, you'll get hit by the last one too

General strategy:
The strategy here, particularly with Steve would be to punish the hell out of any mistakes Dragunov makes. What you should especially look out for are a number of those listed above such as a whiffed WR+2 and strings where you can duck. That being said, you also need to be cautious because Dragunov can also punish whiffs you make with ridiculous combo damage. Be careful when trying to get up, especially when you get hit with a spike such as df+3; Dragunov has a fantastic Oki game and he has 3,1 for relaunching - quickstanding after a spike will mean you're automatically put into another combo, stay down for too long and you'll get stomped on.
It is probably best to stay up close to Dragunov because if you're at a distance you're subject to his long range df+4 poke and WR game, which is also ridiculously good. Dragunov's pokes in general also all have a long range. Stay up close and try to pressure as much as you can but as previously said, don't go ham and make loads of mistakes, because you will get abused. using them sways are a good idea

Steve Fox
Always good to know how to play vs your own character. lol

Tiger Jackson



hes very linear but mostly ssr against him


more of zafina's moves are for long-range so don't counter it with long-range too
you'll just eat up attacks from her scarecrow stance

will edit in other stuff later and information provided by the community

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D+3+4 is not +Frames in Hit.

Could you meant bd+2.1..?? cuz D+3+4 is a stance ..
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Originally posted by A.K Winter
Could you meant bd+2.1..?? cuz D+3+4 is a stance ..

honestly idk lol i was super tired when I wrote this up. As you can see, there's alot. i'll take it out.
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Hey nice list man. I have question about JC. Is her 1~1,1 ch guarantees launcher ? I'm talking about the move where she punches you and you fall on your ass and gets right back up . After that they often use u/f 3,4 I can't seem to block it. I don't know the comment but Law also has similar move .
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You can techroll the "stun" after 1,1,1 to block the uf+4,3. She does get a mixup on you tho but thats better then eating a juggle .
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Oh I see. Thanks man. Also When you play vs Law and he mixes somersault and double somersault how can you tell the deference ? I want to punish after block but I hesitate because I feel like another one is coming.
Can you visibly tell if it's one somersault or double after blocking first one ?
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Nope, you have to guess and commit. Characters like Lars for example can opition select and do uf+3, then they will only get floated by the second flip. Not really an opition for Steve tho, so better guess right . All in all Law is a really bad matchup for Steve, better in tag2 but still uphill tbh.
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Contributions for Leo:
Watch out for db4,1 - it's a fast low that will knock you down and psych you out.
All of her launchers are unsafe at -13, go for 1,2 or 1,1,2.

After she lands df2+3, she's at +f and you're at mercy of a mix up. Generally, her best option is ws2 (launch) or FC df3(knockdown).

In general, Leo doesn't really like being at range 1, which is Steve's best range. When at this range, they tend to go for db4,1 in a panic, just be ready to duck the second you see the animation start.

It's not much, but its better than nothing.
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Use b+1,2 for a 13f punisher instead. And i dont think you can block her db+4,1 on reaction, you have to guess imo.
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