What to do when you hit a wall?

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Hey I'm not talking about getting a wallsplat, Im talking about being as player. I do want to get better and basically know the ins and outs of the game. But yet somehow I find myself stuck on my current level. And when I try to get more practice, life stuff happens (babysit stuff, job, studies). Im starting to see my limit to play the game, but at the same time I want to get better. Its like life wants me to call it quits yet I still want to play more and be better, at least tourney worthy. Seeing also other new players be successful at the game gives me delight, but then seeing myself not being able to improve hurts.

Im kinda stuck on between being just a "casual" that wants to play just for fun and a guy who want to play, improve and travel.
I seriously dont know what to be...

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I think I'm kinda at this stage too. I find myself at the wall of improvement ...

At least you're not alone on that? D:
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I play baek n hwo well enough with a load wall combs/juggles but find I need to train my defence.. Like breaking throws and parrying And I just haven't got the time, I work, gym, do other sports, and play this more for when I'm bored or on my days off

I ask myself the same question, I'm good but do I want to be better?? The answer for me was " if I'm having fun then that's ok"
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Just spend one to two hours a day working on something you need to improve on. Life happens and we find less and less time for certain things but at least use that time for improvement. You'd think as we got older we would have more time for games but not when life kicks in.

For me, I usually play/work on something every other day for one or two hours and on weekends, I'd play as in fight/online for two to three hours. Not long enough I know but any longer and I find it becomes less and less fun. It depends on a lot of things though such as opponent, character, goal etc.
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I'm currently without a job and have a LOT of time on my hands but I don't feel like all of it spent I'm actually improving, I believe regardless of what time you have to work on Tekken you need to use it in a way that allows you to implement as much knowledge into your game into the most streamlined amount of time as possible.

I hit a wall recently where my brain was overloaded with Frame knowledge and some crush mechanics, but I wasn't applying it all because I'd spent more time revising theory than actually playing the game, I can relate to the casual vs competitor issue as well, I should be travelling to London this year for a tournament, I'm definitely gonna get my back blown out but it's going to be a deciding factor for my future in this game after I see how I feel travelling to meet new people regarding a game like Tekken
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The best way I know to get better is to enter tournaments (it helps if they're free; it really does), and go to gatherings of GOOD people playing. I've started doing that, and getting to know people in my community. I just came from our arcade where there were a few people playing. Playing with them taught me more than I'd have learnt from a guide. Sure I got just completely rocked, but at least I know I'm making progress; plus the people are right there if you want to ask for criticism.
And you get to make more friends.
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I've come to this stage as well. I still have the inputs and the judgements, but I can't win games like usual anymore.

I thought I was gonna shift to Soul Calibur V but ever since I lost my friend as a gaming partner, I've become a casual when it comes to prioritizing music, work and real life stuff over games.

But it's true. Maybe a vacation leave of at least a week or two, doing nothing but play games can set you back to where you were.
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Real life should definitely take precedence over any gaming. So don't ever feel bad if you're not successful at a game when it's not even close to being a top priority.

I think the best way to break the wall is to expand your character selection. Pick a top tier and if you don't want to do that, then pick a low tier. Learn what makes them good and what makes them bad, see how it applies to your mains. Hell, you might like playing a low tier so much that you might just change over. Remember that if you're not maining double Mishimas, the tier lists don't mean too much anyway.
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Originally posted by tyler2k
I think the best way to break the wall is to expand your character selection. Pick a top tier and if you don't want to do that, then pick a low tier. Learn what makes them good and what makes them bad, see how it applies to your mains. Hell, you might like playing a low tier so much that you might just change over.

Exactly what I did when I found myself slowing down in terms of improvement.

I need to practice pressure and execution? Mained Nina for a while.
I don't throw or poke enough? Time to play Jaycee and Deja-vu/Shotgun people to death.
Having trouble applying oki? Let's pick up Michelle!

It's certainly worked for me and I had a lot of fun playing those characters.
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