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Originally posted by sandilord
I tested it tonight in the consoleversion.
I don't know Angel but Angelo1 was there too and I think he said her df12 (I think that's what he did) used to be i13 NCC and safe. Now it's i15 NC and punishable. Apparantly some changes were made. Don't know if I remember the Angel part right, I mention it because of the change that was made for the consoleversion.

Ahh makes sense. I just watched RIP's LUYG and they did some Angel breakdown. Her df12 was safe on their build, and they were saying it actually might be changed considering that's a little much. Looks like they must of changed A.Ogre's WM as well then. Thanks Sandilord.
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This may have been covered before, and if so, I apologize, but is there a point to u+3 anymore?
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Speaking of launching from Waning Moon, this is from Murakumo in the Ogre thread, but it should apply to Wang too:

Originally posted by Murakumo
If you do waning moon, here's what I've found, basically.
You can still get a launcher that's more than i13. However, your spacing from the wall needs to be perfect. If your second character DROPS in instead of running in, the are able to attack more quickly. If you waning moon such that the opponent gets near the wall without actually getting to it, your second character should be able to get a launcher (I don't see this as overpowered since it then becomes a game of finesse and very seldom happens). If the opponent runs into the wall, though, your other character drops in at a weird angle on the side or behind them as they wall splat. Slightly less and your character ends up on a side without them splatted (the side depends on the angle to the wall I think). Thus, waning moon to tag and launch is surely a finesse thing now. If your partner is Kaz and you can get i13 EWGF, my hats off to ya!
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I'm finding that the db3 change is really hurting the flow of how I played Wang. I feel like there is no really solid low now, so I'm having trouble building momentum.
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I've mostly been using d+3 in place for my staple low.
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Have you ever thought that it would be awesome if b+1 apart of being a parry, would be a stance?
It would be veeery cool if Wang had access to all his parry stuff without successful parry.
Feng has got his f+4+3 wich is a stance/parry and access to other moves.

That would make me forget all his limitations, and surely he wouldn't be bottom tier anymore
Am I asking too much?

EDIT. Maybe I'm saying something stupid. Sorry if I did.

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Nah I think it would be kewl too!

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