A little critique, please?

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I'm gonna get some new stuff recorded soon.
It'll be random online matches since I tend to take those more seriously than playing against a friend.
thanks for the advice everyone.
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I can say you're not brain dead mate, you don't do the same sh!t over and over again ( aka Jun,Asuka etc, the routine players i am referring to ).
Your opponent doesn't fear you, he doesn't have that ( if i do that... he will punish me or side step..mmm....)
You must make him flinch, once he loses his cool, you might get the upper hand
( seen people win with perfect round(s) because they psyched the opponent out, but in the next match the loser retook his position and won )

But Tekken is full of cheap tricks ( Chreddy is the cheapest )... The routine players use cheap tricks all the time tho.

Well i think you play good ( i like you man ), but only way to become better is to learn all fundamentals of Tekken ( if you don't already do ) and fight STRONG players, avoid brain deads and noobs, fight the routine player's, they only use cheap tricks and this will give you a insight of when to defend or attack ( or to duck ), so you learn their traps and sh!t.
*Then you learn their traps which even "PRO'S" might want to try using against you.

Well fuck do i know, it's just how i learned to beat down morons like that ( if i'm not just fucking around ).

PS: "Tekken" is reading your opponent, the knowledge of combos, maximizing damage, wall carrying, countering/evading and its more of a mind game then a "brawl" game when you really get into it.
Step by step you will learn, as i am, you don't just get "PRO" over the night.
Fight strong players, you will get better, eventually.
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You do moves just because they exist, you don't do them because you know it's the right move to do at that time. ..or so it seems.
Either you have epic prediction skills or sheer dumb luck when your launcher hits.. If it was the former, you wouldn't be asking for advice.

You need more character knowledge, both yours and your opponent's; strings to duck, moves to punish..

You're not terrible, but keep going the way you're going and you'll be dead on your tracks and you wouldn't know why.

My 2c..
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