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P. GunJack-2
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Yeah, I'm not specifically gonna blame J6's changes, but I notice I'm not adapting very well to TTT2....I've been losing to the scrubbiest shit lately. More practice, I suppose.

As far as nerfs/changes go, I really miss FC d/b+1, more than anything.
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Yeah, I hate to get interrupted after it.

d/f/WS 3,2 is now NC even at full delay at the wall, though. Good change.
I didnt even notice the WS version does more damage, haha; gonna use that as TA instead of the d/f version.
St. George
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Originally posted by aviax

One thing that seems not to have been mentioned yet is one more slight nerf to an existing move - d/f+3,2 does 19, 24 damage (6 less than BR). The ws version still has the old damage, and is not a bad TA filler.

This is simply not true. Both versions do the same 21,27 damage.
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Originally posted by St. George
This is simply not true. Both versions do the same 21,27 damage.

Never mind. Inatekken has since updated their info, and it agrees with what St. G has indicated.

Last edited by aviax on Oct 30th, 2012 at 00:18

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