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I should, but Heihachi doesn't look good topless... or have wings, lol.

You should know, I play the cute guys.
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OK... god damn it... I really wanted to make a Lili/Sebastian team and run that, but my god, he's just terrible. His horrific range means that none of Lili's standard juggles work, so his damage is pathetic, and... yeah, he just sucks. DAMN IT. I even had the greatest customization ever.

I guess I'll be sticking to Lili/Zafina. Sorry, Sebastian, I tried to love you, but you broke my heart. =(
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Kane, I hate you for showing me that vid. Now I spend most of my time trying to land that combo in practice mode. Grrrr
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#64 “Quote” Edit Post
haha. the downfall of alpha patroklos players.

btw, paranormal oreo is posting on tz now haha.
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Originally posted by Lukmendes
I honestly wonder if Kane has a list of "Why Lili sucks" on his computer, to avoid having to write the same things over and over again .
Joined: Aug 2012
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#65 “Quote” Edit Post
Oh ffs, really?
Great, I have to listen to an obnoxious geeky kid again. >_>

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#66 “Quote” Edit Post
There are some Sebastian combos towards the end of this playlist:

They're all pretty basic. I love this character though. I definitely see why he's not as good as Lili, and I prefer her combos due to the amount of options she has, but I still like Sebastian more as a character.
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#67 “Quote” Edit Post
Also another tip, since we all are complaining how short his legs are, like df+3 won't hit on the 6th attack mostly, use 1+2+5, trust me, it works like a charm hehe

sample combo:


d+3+4, uf+4, df+2~b BT+1,2, 1+2+5, T!, qcf+2, ff+3~f+1,2
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Originally posted by Skkra
DAMN IT. I even had the greatest customization ever.

Nothing tops Lee Van Cleef western Sebastian. Nothing.

This dude is all sorts of trash tier. He struggles getting into the 80s from launchers. Good grief.
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#69 “Quote” Edit Post
I prefer Sebastian/Heihachi over Sebastian/Lili because I like pairing older men together. Also, tagging Sebastian out after d+3+4 then follow it with Heihachi's OTGF is badass.

Sebastian/Heihachi vs Lili/Asuka anyone?
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But I always pick different teams

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