TTT2 Hwoarang New Moves and Changes

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Hunter Steven
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i've been using hwoarang with Jun. i havent played much in the arcade so i'm not sure who else to pair with him. i'll probably use him with p.jack, that would be an interesting combination.
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Originally posted by tinokuken
I'm gonna keep it simple with my nooby Baek, like with a Paul-lite style, and concentrate on juggle damage.

If your planning on keeping it simple then you should really conscider Jin or Julia.
Their pokes and standing damage are really good.

I'm currently working on Kaz myself.
His standing damage, punishing and no. of hit confirmable moves is just serious!
Coupled with wavedash pressure and mind games, should be a fun pairing!

Originally posted by tinokuken
I'm really gonna try this time on the juggles. A guitar hero I ain't. They're easier on stick I think but my movement sucks on stick and I'm not liking that trade off. Lol.

It really does take a while to get use to stick.
Its very frustrating at the start cause your messing things up that ya wouldn't normally.

I'd recommend picking up a new char and learning him whilst also learning stick!
Helped me anyway!

@Hunter Steve:
Yeah, Hwo with P.Jack would be very interesting combination!
Some serious damage and wall pressure there!!
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7th Dan
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Thx, man.
Just been thinking about tag partners some more then. I gonna choose someone with the same generic(?) d/f+2. That's why I said Baek. Yes, I'm gonna keep it THAT simple. Lol.
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TTT2 Unlimited Frame Data for Hwoarang:

f,f+4 is appeariantly -3~4 on block now. Already in TTT2, but saying this again for Unlimited
Demonstration of new f,f+4 from me:

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