"We Are Tekken" TTT2 Console Trailer

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Another trailer was released today. This one is a bit more traditional with the usual bad music and fast cutting camera angles. However, two interesting things to note are the fact that they put so much emphasis on improved online play and a roster with over 50 characters. Recently, in an interview with NowGamer, Katsuhiro Harada stated...
The Beard Signal
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will Smith doesn't suck btw
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@ Aris
Thanks for the link. I agree with your thoughts on the trailer. A rather blatant money making attempt. And Personally Im not a big fan of the huge roster. I play kazuya and DJ and With mishimas you have to know the match ups inside and out. I keep finding that out the hard way at tournaments but anyhow, if large rosters are whats selling fighting games to the home user now, I guess there is not much Namco or anyone else can do about it.

On another topic, What i'd really like to see from places like ATP or LUYG is a "Know your Matchups Section" Where players can discuss character specific strategy and counter strategies. I have learned much from the VGF podcast series but i still believe there is room for such a section to help us beginners climb the ladder to competitive a lil bit faster.

And I can't wait for TTT2. Hope it gets a 1080p release.
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I wished they confirmed the mystery characters in the trailers. Harada you troll, those trailers are no different from rick roll'd videos.
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Oldschool Tekken FTW! http://exposureroom.com/members/nil...3a62dcaa6e3ef5/

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Originally posted by MikeBreezy
will Smith doesn't suck btw

I've never heard anyone say that. Well, MIB was pretty good I guess. Independence Day wasn't bad either.
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I was just saying because the song it the trailer was a Will Smith song and you called the song bad lol
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yeah this game is getting hype

score 9.5 i like it maybe tt2 gets a real new start
i really hope to see way more new player

edit: i dont like the trailer it looks rushed and i dont like the song for that game
but in the end its ok

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Even though it took them 7 minutes total to make it and upload it, I guess it wasn't super terrible. They at least tried to find a song that matched the theme of Tekken tag so Will Smith's "Switch" was better then them pasting some generic rock or rap song over the clips.
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uhm, Will Smith sucks!

Even if this trailer doesnt show anything new, the game looks just so fucking unbelievable good, really cant wait!
Havent been this excited for a game before, every 2 minutes im jumping to TZ to check the news!
still 5 months to go...
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Omega Dural
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Btw what does "We are Tekken" means?
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@Omega I thinks it's more of a 'look ho we are' at the fighting community. I'm not saying Tekken isn't acknowledged. I think of it in a badass way. Yo! We're Tekken! A hype thing. Kinda hard to explain, perhaps it's also directed a new people to join in. This is more evident with the recent release of SFxT, making more people curios of Tekken.
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Aiwa !!!
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