TTT2 Console Trailers Unveil Fight Lab Mode/Combot

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The Beard Signal
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Gamespot has just released two new trailers for the console version of TTT2. One of them shows various tag combos and throws and the other shows combot beating up robots. From the looks of the "Fight Lab" video, this is some sort of training mode. However, I have yet to understand it's usefulness.
The Beard Signal
Joined: Jan 2004
Posts: 864
From: USA California
6th Dan
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I like the new training stage.. It looks like a stage from Tekken4's mode "Tekken Force" and those double team moves are sick as hell O__O...

I wonder what the little Fist/Skull Indicators are about.. probably some kind of training mode for beginners, overall it looks pretty awesome!

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wow,, it will cool anyway,, cant wait
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Sweet Spanish Macho
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uuumh, those are supposed to be videos taking from the console right?, then It seems they have finally "fixed" the sooo so weird color palette from t6 consoles, and how bad these colors looked like when affected by the lightning.
2nd Dan
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I am going to buy the Pre-order bundle along with the Joystick. Sure the game with a new joystick, I know the demo did. Looking to save arround $250 dollars or more since I live in Australia, everything is more expensive.
1st Dan
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My body is so ready...
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Those videos we're awesome, especially the combot one. New music too?
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Originally posted by Jinkwai
My body is so ready...

I bet it is...

-And that's the bottom line cause StReeTz said so...
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6th Dan
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That combot challenge looks like fun

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