EWGF Returns This Friday Night at 8:30 pm (PST)

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The Beard Signal
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With all the Soul Calibur we have been streaming lately, we thought it would be a nice change of pace to stream Tekken 6 again. We will be streaming Tekken 6 off the cab from Super Arcade this Friday night at 8:30pm (PST). Don't forget about our EightArc Fusion Raffle which is currently going on and ends this Saturday (14th). You can find our stream by following the link below.
The Beard Signal
Joined: Jan 2004
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From: USA California
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I will be watching! Too good, Aris.
Flying Wonkey
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Terrific, will be tuning in.
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5th Dan
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It's S.M.T. (S.tream M.onster T.ime) ......
"So you've come"

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Reckon I'll probably be watching Glee around that time
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Originally posted by camg37
It's S.M.T. (S.tream M.onster T.ime) ......

I hear you dude! Im just gonna be posted in my room getting hypeee!
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2nd part is missing bro's

Where is it

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