Kazuya's d/f+2 ewgf

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Bryan furry
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Been doing it on p2 side consistently but having trouble judging it on P1side any tips
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Read about holding F after the df+2 hits on counter then releasing on a certain frame and then hitting df+2 and pronto pewgf launch after df+2 ch. I don't have a console so I can only practice in the arcade, the frame that I am supposed to be releasing the stick on, what visual signs do I have to look for? When opponent's knee touches the ground? I haven't been able to hit any launch with this method, only df+2 (gut punch) comes out, where as I could still get like a 5~10 percent ratio with a complete f,n,df+2 pewgf input. Any tips?
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I get about 6-7 launches a minute using either method. You release the stick as soon as opponent knee is almost at ground. Dont think of it as release and d/f+2. Only as a very fast d/f+2 input. Pick any method and just build muscle memory with it. Thats just my two cents.
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edited my post since i didn't want to repost.

so i figured some things...

you have to input Perfect 13 frame EWGF as soon as Kazuya COMPLETELY recovers from D/F+2.
this must be as fast as mudd.a.F""""in possible, as for the hold F and then releasing it to do d/f+2 so it becomes a EWGF, can work but its trickier for me like this, i prefer doing it the other way.

i have done about 15 of this D/F+2 to EWGF launch, its hard as F and you need to train alot, and i have only trained it from Player 1 ( left side ) :S

this is hardcore, but im practicing little by little

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i can land it more often now, im starting to get the hang of it

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Hi guys i just have noticed a different and under my opinion easyer way to perform kazuya's Just Frame. When you hit on CH sucsessfully the df2 inmediatly hold forward till you see oponent's knees hit ground (you also can hear it with headset) then just relase your stick and hit df+2. The notation is something like df2~F~n~df+2, it seems to me to be easyer.
P.D: sorry by english im from Poland, and, this looks easyer for me on arcade, with the DPad i belive that the easyer way is df2, f,d,df+2 especially on the 2P side because of the 'fat' finger, you can perform this "swing" better than trying to get always a clean df2.
Hope help somebody and take care fellas.
PD2: I read kenshobu after posting and he seems do it this way like me sorry bro. I havent discover the fire

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