Kazuya's d/f+2 ewgf

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Bryan furry
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Been doing it on p2 side consistently but having trouble judging it on P1side any tips
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Read about holding F after the df+2 hits on counter then releasing on a certain frame and then hitting df+2 and pronto pewgf launch after df+2 ch. I don't have a console so I can only practice in the arcade, the frame that I am supposed to be releasing the stick on, what visual signs do I have to look for? When opponent's knee touches the ground? I haven't been able to hit any launch with this method, only df+2 (gut punch) comes out, where as I could still get like a 5~10 percent ratio with a complete f,n,df+2 pewgf input. Any tips?
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I get about 6-7 launches a minute using either method. You release the stick as soon as opponent knee is almost at ground. Dont think of it as release and d/f+2. Only as a very fast d/f+2 input. Pick any method and just build muscle memory with it. Thats just my two cents.
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edited my post since i didn't want to repost.

so i figured some things...

you have to input Perfect 13 frame EWGF as soon as Kazuya COMPLETELY recovers from D/F+2.
this must be as fast as mudd.a.F""""in possible, as for the hold F and then releasing it to do d/f+2 so it becomes a EWGF, can work but its trickier for me like this, i prefer doing it the other way.

i have done about 15 of this D/F+2 to EWGF launch, its hard as F and you need to train alot, and i have only trained it from Player 1 ( left side ) :S

this is hardcore, but im practicing little by little

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i can land it more often now, im starting to get the hang of it

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