Sydney 1vs1 TTT2U Tournament

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Missy M
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@FaYd: could you please add Larry too please? (He doesn't have a zaibatsu account, so I am posting on his behalf ^^)
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Bad news, I can't come tonight , sorry everyone, Fayd, please remove me off the list.
I apologize if there were any inconviences.
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Lame, why not?
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7th Dan
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sorry guys, gotta check out.
something came up
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Iron Fist God
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Originally posted by handsomeboy123
In for the kill...

By skrillex...

That's actually by La Roux. Skrillex did a remix to it though

goldhedgehog signing in~!
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Royal Pain
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Originally posted by Chrsitiecrimson
sorry guys, gotta check out.
something came up

...and then he came third..

GGs all, thanks Youssef for running it, great matches.. I think everyone played well.. Bar the people that was supposed to do well..


Yes.. I felt like I was inconvenienced by your upsetting news.. You were the reason I joined the tournament.. Now I just feel ripped off.
This is irreparable. I don't know what to do now..
Well, this is inconvenient..
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War Lord
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CTC was the only one who was wearing the Sydney Tekken Shirt.

Damn,I should've worn mine.
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The lovely results:

1) ZEP
2) Lightning
3) CtC
4) Lazy Dave
5) Handsomeboi123
7) FaYd
7) Crocop
9) King Kong
9) Not Dennis
9) MMT
9) Lucky Strikes
13) Goldheghog
13) SopSop
13) Meat
13) Lord Silver
17) Draelor
17) Ur Best Friend
19) Saiyuk
19) Kantoro
19) Ige
19) LZW
23) Andrew Chau
23) Fahimjin
23) Hooligan

Thank you everyone that attended the tourney held for our favorite little whore, Tim aka Ur Best Friend. A night of upsets indeed. From Peter taking out Mario. To Daniel taking out Jacky. To the ever affable me taking out Andrew. It was indeed a night where you could literally expect the unexpected. Major shout out to the people that knocked the BIG 3 of Australian Tekken. Daniel going all the way to third place. Long live Chreddy The Crimson. Wilson solid as fuck all the way to second. SNAKES. HORNS. SNAKES. And mah niggah of course, Campsie's own, mother fucking Zhan holding it down for the home team and defending our PRIDE. Special shout out to Dave into fourth.

Now, we set our sights on SS...
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Razer Athane
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Holy shit. Sounds like it was a great tournament (ALL OF ZE UPSETS). Grats to all.
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Sydney Help_me!!
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special thx to youseff and peter and myself knocking andrew mario jacky...! good games lightning!!
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Thanks Youssef for running the tourney very smoothly despite it being 4 hours x_x;; but it was VERY entertaining. I enjoyed myself very much
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Drunken Cop
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Thanks for having me. Those games with Zhan were so intense. I can't wait to see the vids. Nice playing all of you!
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