Ultimate Tournament XIII (03/12/11, Paris)

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Sorry am so late in replying - but as soon as I got back from Paris I had to fly up to JHB and win a local Tekken tournament in the next city - and then I don't like posting without some sort of Vid or something to commemorate the trip - - - - so I finally finished and hit upload...

FUCKKKKK I had such a cool holiday and enjoyed the tournament with everyone so much. You guys are the fucking shit - I love the vibe that Europe bring to all their tournaments.

Missed the UK at this one - but there was more than enough bukake to pass around at this tournament.

First and foremost - zomg Kenj, French Hospitality to the max, I can't thank you enough for putting up with me snoring, eating all your food and just the general freedom you gave me in your apartment. I will never forget how well you have taken care of me and the other players you opened your doors to.

Hontoni Arigatou Gozaimasu - PigSteve xx ^_^

+ zomg Never look at Mentos the same again - you need to send me those sleeping clips and shit - too good

Tournament Organisation was awesome, I felt that this tournament ran pretty damn smoothly and very big ups to the French Community and the other Euros that brought their Consoles and Monitors and made sure that we all had something to play on.

French Tekken Community and City of Paris - good shit

Here's a quick compilation of my first 3 days in Paris at the:

Hotel - Session @ Place d'Italie - The tournament bustle - The streets of Paris with RudeBoy & Co - The Eiffel Tower with Anakin, Ji3MoonAce, FightSpirit and RudeBoy -


@ Anakin - So good to meet you and listen to a lot of what you have to say about the game and the characters. I may want to look into playing Jack soon because of a lot of the things you were saying and doing and it was kinda depressing to hear that you offered your services in the Jack forum to give advice and breakdown your play and the character and no-one took you up on that. I might have to in the future if I start pressing buttons.

Congratulations on a very well deserved Tournament success -

You are the 1st person that I know of to win a European Tournament when there have been Korean players of Tekken Crash calibre.

Big Ups on that shit.

Otherwise fun hanging out and touring the streets with you - ATL Vodka Jacket yo

@ Ji3MoonAce - you sir, are the fucking best. i love you

@ FightSpirit - Really awesome meeting and hanging out with you - the tips you gave FugSang, RudeBoy and myself with Steve and other characters are the best. NOT! For YouTube. lol

Thank you for also sharing your opinions on the game and the characters with us, it?s so good for me to be able to talk to a Steve player with as much knowledge and understanding of the game. One of the best memories I?ll have of you is when you were breaking down Steve for RudeBoy you did multiple things with Steve and then looked at me and said: ?You know this? You know this?? - - - and then I hesitate 4 a second??. ?no I don?t know this?? ----- ?You play Steve and you don?t know this ? fucking noob? --- ha ha ha ? that was good shit.

Congrats on 2nd Place ? you had to beat a hell of a lot of great players to get there.

+ I checked out that stuff you were saying about Green Tea! ? here is one person?s opinion and why it is actually good to drink with some honey before you sing ?


@ The Phantom ? always a pleasure my man. Just remember, it?s manly as fuck to snore. ^_^ - had a good time hanging out and navigating the Metro and shit with you and thanks for the games. Raven sounds like he?s going to be good for TTT2 ? thanks for all the updates on the character.

@ EvilGirlMolestorer!!!!! ? zomg such game!!! And your Tekken isn?t bad either. ^_^

That MotorBike is too sick ? love it ? but remember to leave some of the girls in Europe for the rest of the guys out there. Thanks for the awesome matches and the good times.

High Five your old man for me too.

@ Adnanish! - ffs though, how was that Taxi story on the 1st night ? was fucking unbelievable. Even South Africa has 24 hour taxi services constantly running up and down the airport ? at least it turned into a good memory. And the Pasta at the Vending Machine was also pretty leet ? can?t think of any other time a machine spat out decent pasta like that. Lol

Thanks a stack for booking the room and taking care of things from your side to make the trip easier for me ? much appreciated.

Hotel Reception: ?Hello, Mr Zaman??
FoxSteve? ?*yawn*... uh ? yes??
Hotel Reception: ?I am sorry to bother you Mr Zaman but your friend Daniello is here, can I send up with a KeyCard? ???
ha ha - positive mistaken identity rocks...

Some good times and some nonsense mixed in together ? that?s the only way to do it.

I know you weren?t playing your best when we played and I had pretty much the same vibe with most of matches on the 1st and 2nd days as well. It?s a pattern I notice when I go to international tournaments, I only start playing well after about 3 or 4 days of playing Euro level, it takes me this time to adjust to the different style of play and to get the noob shit I do in SA out of my system.
But yeah, I know you weren't warmed up and shit - so we'll see the next one again bad boy.

@ Tenshimitsu - you are the best, I love you. Why God didn't manufacture 78653756825243572463 more of you I will always wonder. Couldn't believe you knew how to vs Steve so well and all those frames traps, excellent combos, set ups and just excellent general game play. I am admittedly jealous of your bf -_-
he he

Many of you might not know and I know that Tenshi is not someone to toot her own horn, but she beat the shit out me in a Money Match and took my 5 Euro! And then we spoke and she told me that she had beaten my main man Gen1us in an FT3 and even FightSpirit in a FT5 and FightSpirit congratulated her as the first Euro to take a ft5 from her.
LATER @ Kenj's place I'm helping Kenj with the brackets and placings of the tournaments and Kenj spoke to Tenshi and he told me that she beat another main man in the tournament brackets J-MIKE!!!! to advance through the Brackets and Kenj said she lost to SephiBlack's Miguel admittedly because she did not do her Miguel homework.

Tenshimitsu is God's work -

Awesome seeing and playing you again and thank you so much for teaching me things about the match up and even my own character. When in Europe I always look forward to seeing you at tournaments.

@ Gen1us - I fucking love you man - sexiest man in Europe officially. lol - thanks for beating the shit out of me again. Was sorry about your Lei knowledge match up though - but next time you'll be ready.

@ Ivoirou (spelling) - good shit

@ RudeBoy - fucking love you - huge shout out and big thanks for chaperoning us tourists, it's a shit job, but Kenj appointed you to do it... sooo... lol jk. Thanks man, was a blast and enjoyed because you made it so good.
Between EvilDice and RudeBoy - woman of Paris are not going to be sleeping alone tonight.

@ ErDAlISTA: Yo! Nice to chat and catch up my man - you were having some nice games with Malekith on the big screen. i hope we can have some matches next time, it will be good experience.

@ Ceb & Sabre & Green Lei and the other cool Germans I maybe forgetting - you guys are the fucking shit. Thanks for the matches Sabre, was fun.
Ceb those matches you played with Ji3MoonAce were fucking SICK. Love that Heihachi.
@ SephiBlack - thanks for the matches - loads of fun still dangerous.
@GreenLei - you rock dood, awesome Lei.

@ Rikimaru - Fucking AWESOME - definitely imo the best player that Europe has at this moment in time. Your play focus is so intense and I can see your determination to win in your play style during every important match. It's a pleasure to watch you play and was really good chatting and meeting you at this tournament.
Well done on top 3.

@ Malekith - ANOTHER one of Europe's best imo. awesome to see you and chat shit as usual, hoping you have more tournament success going forward.

@ Sofiane - I fucking love you lots as well - so cool to see you again.

@King_2nd - where the fuck did you come from? I didn't see anywhere that you were coming... such an awesome surprise - - - - so i thought ------ only to be told by you that I am the ugly brother in the relationship... ha ha - good shit

@ FugSang and Phoenix and Casper and JFK and Hugo and Battousai and danny brown and that whole after hours gang bang vibe ----- I fucking love you guys lots too - you made all that shit 'special special'

Diana is SICK - I want to add her on facebook and pay her for T4 Hawaiian Shirt Taped Hands Steve Fox Custom Artwork.

Man there were so many important people ----- I can't remember everyone... ummm...

SNAKERBEL!!!! Obviously -you are the fucking man. VideoEdit~CommunityHappy

GG's Loki awesome to meet you.

Laboubam and GF for food and enjoying matches and then Laboubam Jnr with the sick Lee skills.

KUKLAN!!!!! The fucking Driver of the Night -------- "Tekken ASS" --- I owe you, thank you.

All the French and Italian players! Bode HP Frenchie names names names...

@ MathLaw - awesome to play my first games with you in Paris, it was nice to see you advanced quite well through the tournament. I look forward to seeing you in the future...

Ag fuck - this is getting ridiculous - but I really did have a good time and enjoyed myself with so many players...

Thank you guys so much for an awesome tournament and stay in Paris - I have lots of little memorable moments with quite a lot of you and also enjoyed witnessing how good the European level is getting which i am a very very big fan of.

This time Anakin won over Koreans - - - - next time it's Europe's turn to steal it from the Koreans!

All the best to all of you in the future - - except (need a name here.... insert anyone's name you don't like here girls are exempt)... that guy's a dick. lol

+ last

Big Ups to

for taking the TTT2 Namco Cross up tournament - missed you guys in France along with the rest of yous.
Hopefully Namco Europe/UK doesn't pull something like this again though.

My vids and all the matches will be up as soon as I have the free time on youtube foxst3v3

aweh mina-sama
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#342 “Quote” Edit Post
Awesome UT POV ! Good job. Lookin forward to watch your videos dude.
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#343 “Quote” Edit Post
Great!Looking forward to your next vidz
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Very late but time for props now !

First of all thanks to all the people who helped organising this event. I was such a hard work getting all the hardware there and installing everything so thank you to all the Marseille crew, especially snakerbel and Nemmo ! And of course Laboubam, Kuklan, Chino for all the help.
Thanks to Laboubam and Heineken45 for running the brackets with me and well, everyone who helped, you guys rule ! Thank you Guillius for the support even if you couldn't come this time. And to Berunov for all the nice drawings and especially the UTXIII poster with Kuma (and the Holland flag, well that's what Malekith, King 2nd and Sofiane told me ).

No thanks to Namco for screwing up with the TTT2 arcade board and not telling us anything. Even on saturday we didn't know what was happening. I or someone from Namco will post here later to explain what happened.

Fight Spirit, Ji3moon Ace, Anakin: I was so busy but still I'm glad we had the time to hang out in Paris, now I got to see La Joconde for the first time, you know. And Anakin throwing up on the Assemblee Nationale was one of the highlights !
Thank you for coming from so far away, I hope you all enjoyed your stay here in Paris.

math_law: too bad we don't get the time to talk that much, I hope you had a safe journey back to Turkey.

German crew: always good to see you guys, and especially you're always placing high. Props to Sephiblack and Green Lei of course. There's already a topic on the Tekken Arena forums for DamaGermany 2k12 so that a few players from France are already preparing to go ! Hopefully ivoiro does well there too.

Tenshi: I'm so glad you had a nice tournament, I'm always grateful to people like you who travel from quite far and enjoy being there, playing games with folks from all around.

Lots-of-Laughs: was nice to meet you, we didn't have much time to chat though. I hope you enjoyed your stay.

Italy: where to start... First and foremost, mad props to Rikimaru for such a great performance. You are such an awesome competitor. Your Ling is crazy and you're really on international level now. I remember discussing with Maxi while he was saying some Euro heads were really on international level and now you proved this to be so true.
And this is what UT is about: getting worldwide players to meet and compete. Last year Venezuela showed they were a force to count on, and this year Europe showed how great some players were.
Thank you to those who supported UT from the start, I'm thinking Bode and Harry Potter. Guys, it's been 6 years since UT3 and we still meet at least every year ! I hope I get the chance to meet you in Italy in the future. And thank you EvilDice: if I go to Rome I'll definitely meet you there.
Maxquicksilver, DevilNin and Xeon: again it was so nice to talk to you and you are such friendly and modest. This is one of the reasons we're organising those tournaments: getting the new heads to compete internationally and prove they have amazing skills.
I think the italian crew was one of the biggest if not the biggest this time, thank you all for coming.

JFK, Humides and Bopper: sorry I couldn't meet up with you guys that evening in Paris, I hope you had a nice time though.
Adnanish: thanks for the commentaries and it's always a pleasure to see you there.

This makes me think about AmethisteShield for the awesome commentaries (yes, yes !): "Bam bam bam", "Rikimaaaaaru !", "Braviiisssimooooo !!", "Magniiificooo !!!". Thanks dude, it was funny !
You did a great tournament too.
Props to ivoiro, mad tournament ! Props to solidjin, Mat, GEN1US and frenchie for placing high.

To all of the french community who helped financially in organising UTXIII: you guys rule.
rude_boy: thanks for helping me with the flat tyre and helping Anakin, Fight Spirit, Ace and FoxSteve around Paris ! Remember when Anakin said "OK if Fight Spirit and Ace are high, then you wake me up" ?

ZeLL, Caiper: good to see Spain again. Sad I coudn't catch Leok and Ardul though.

NeoNinja: I hope you had fun, too bad JinTheBest seems out of the scene now.

And I cannot forget the craziest guys: FoxSteve and Phantom ! Of course FoxSteve for travelling from so far away to meet up with the european Tekken community. Great, man !

Thank you all for coming and making UTXIII such a great event, I guess everyone will remember the ivoiro Vs Xeon match when the crowd went crazy ! Props to Xeon for focusing and winning, it was not an easy one but you proved to be the best there.

I may not be organising more tournaments in the future so I guess this was the time to say thanks to everyone who came. It's a bit sad the UK crew could not come this time, you guys have been here for so long. I'm thinking Cris, Inti, Ryan, Chef, Eze, Martin, Dino and I'm probably forgetting more names.

See you guys !
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Originally posted by kenj
Thank you all for coming and making UTXIII such a great event, I guess everyone will remember the ivoiro Vs Xeon match when the crowd went crazy !

LIVE !!!!!! "Ivoiro Akon [FR] vs Xeon [IT] [UTXIII] [03/12/11] [LB] [1/4 Finals] LIVE !!!!!!"

UTXIII Guest VS UTXIII European TOP 3 (Italy) part 1/2

i dont have the part 2 but european (Italy) win the money match.

Kenji, thanks a lot, for all awesome tournament organised.

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thanks, this was awesome." Ivoiro, trois- zero!"
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hello European tekken players!

Im trying to appear on a reality show capcom is creating for Street Fighter x Tekken, and i need your help with "likes" and comments for my audition video.

if you could thumbs up the vid and put a comment i'd appreciate it! pass it on if you can too
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Good Luck with that shit - I'd actually really like to see you on it.
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No prob
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Hey man, thanks again for the vid

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