Snake Pit R3- 3v3 tourney- London UK, Sun 22nd Apr

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The Chef
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Thanks to everyone who came to Round 2 last time; it was BAARE hype, as you can see from the videos below.

Hopefully the same people and MORE will be coming to Round 3!!!

Round 1 saw new Champions in SONS OF LUNA.. who stole the show and left a path of destruction in their wake!
Round 2, entitled "JUSTICE" was just as fierce. In the end Justice was served by an uncanny trio consisting of: an Old School Yoshimitsu LEGEND (Trance Addict aka Harry's World), the cockiest mofo around aka his highness KING JAE, and a quiet humble but extremely talented new player called Free Your Mind!!!
Round 3.... it's still anyone's game! You got the old school guys, you got the new generation... they will clash ONCE AGAIN to claim dominance in the pit!!

Videos from the recent previous event (Round 2):
Full PlayList:

Some MUST WATCH matches:
SEMIS2 - SONS OF LUNA Tim vs TEAM FREE Trance Addict (Harry, aka Harry's World)

SEMIS2 - SONS OF LUNA Luna vs TEAM FREE Trance Addict (Harry, aka Harry's World)

FINAL - TEAM FNC BonusJin vs TEAM FREE FreeYourMind

FINAL - TEAM FNC RooKang vs TEAM FREE FreeYourMind

Also photos from Round 2:

FULL DETAILS AND RULES are here. Please make sure youíve read the whole thing, it should answer 95% of your questions automatically.

But Iíll mention some of the main points below:

Date: Sunday 22nd April 2012
Doors Open: 1pm. You can play casuals from this time onwards
Tournament Start Time: 3pm
End time: Expected to end around 9pm (so you shouldnít have trouble with last trains/buses).

Address: The Shoreditch, 145 Shoreditch High Street, London, E1 6JE
Place Page:

By Road: Use the postcode above in your SatNav or Google Maps.
By Public Transport:
Get off at Old Street Tube Station (Northern Line) at Exit 2, and walk towards Shoreditch. Itís practically right next to El Paso, if you went there last time.

Entry Fee:
£10 per person for venue entry + tournament entry + casual play.
£5 per person for venue entry+casual play/spectating.
Over 18s only Ė you MUST have ID!!!
Prizes (per team): 1st prize £210, 2nd prize £90, 3rd prize £60
Tournament Format: Teams of 3 with a chosen captain. Groups followed by Single Elimination Knockout.
Characters: Each player much choose one character only for the whole event. All 3 characters on a team must be different.

Bring your own PS3 controller. We will not be providing any dedicated pads or sticks, so you MUST bring your controller (and USB cable if necessary).

Please sign up with your Team below, and also specify who is your Team Captain.
If you donít have a team by then, donít worry. There are going to be plenty of people looking for a team and you should easily be able to form a team on the day (so donít let that stop you from coming!!)

There is a stream for this event (Sun 22nd April from 2pm-8pm, GMT/UK time), in case you can't make it:

Please subscribe to the following in order to get updates on Snake Pit News and Events:
Facebook Group:
Email -
Twitter -!/snakepitlondon @snakepitlondon

Any questions, please feel free to reply below or contact us on the above channels. Hope to see you there!

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I really want to go it would be sick but I'm just too damn poor at this moment. If you keep hosting I'll show up haha. I'll make sure to watch the stream if you have it again. Peace.
Signature "If you are fucking playing this game, don't play to be the bitch. Play to be the best in the fucking world." -FilthyRich
The Chef
Dead Man Inc.
Joined: Jan 2000
Posts: 2768
From: United Kingdom
PSN: thechef14
XBL: chefness
#3 “Quote” Edit Post
Thanks to everyone for coming!!!


1st ShinDInoForce
ShinJin, Dinosaur, Shadow Force

2nd FNC
ROO KANG, Bonus Jin, Elijah

3rd Sons of Luna
Luna, Tim, Isa

4th Demolition Boyz
Tala (Umer Kazama), Tarik, L

Videos are here (high quality, but no commentary):

You can also watch the stream archive videos with proper commentary here:
Bookmark this stream URL for next time too!

Stay tuned for the next one!! And keep playing/watching!!!
And of course happy birthday to Luna too!! Hope you enjoyed the party afterwards!

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