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Hi. Im just new to julia.. Can u help me out on julia combos especially the spinning combo one's? which i doesn't even understand what or how they even do that especially on the arcades.. btw im started playing tekken on my psp. Thanks..
2nd Dan
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sorry didn't realize this thread was that old, my bad...

Well, I'm not exactly good but I can give good advice on this I think..

First of all if you're missing the shotgun based d,d/f 1,3 (or 4 if you prefer), you should start with an easy starter to get into shape to do them regularly.

ff+3 into d,d/f 1,4 > d,d/f1,4, 1+2 B! d,d/f1,4 (pause) d1+2
u/f 3,4 (standing)4 d,d/f 1,4 > d,d/f1,4, 1+2 B! ender

The trick is getting a short motion so you don't screw up and get d/f1 which is very easy to do if you're doing the buffering too early or late. You'll get a rhythm in no time if you practice enough (hell its ingrained into my head). Remember the recovery on d,d/f1,4,1 is much quicker than you think, and its much more lenient once you spend some time with it.

If you're playing on your psp though or pad I can't really say I have experience with that, always been a 2d fighter player so the half qcf motion isn't hard for me personally.

btw if you want some generic combos I use on a regular basis try these:
SS~3+4 d,d/f1,4,1 ff+1 d,d/f1,3,1+2 d,d/f1,4 (pause) d1+2
111 (guaranteed on hit) d/f2,1 f3[1] ff+1 d,d/f1,4,1+2 B! ender
CH4 d,d/f 1,4,1 ff+1 d,d/f1,4,1+2 B! ender

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