ATG Episode 22 - OffInBed plus FinalRound Recap

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On today’s show, I bring on Mass’ OffInBed. We talk about his transition from an online player to offline tournament competitor, his tournament experience on the Island,the scene in Massachusetts, and who to thank for pushing him. The second half of the cast I talk with NYC Fab, Anakin, and Kor about the recap of Final Round, the experience surrounding it, and their personal impressions of Street Fighter x Tekken. Thanks for listening, and please leave a review and rate the cast on iTunes. Thanks!
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Check out the episode here
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Much thanks to Piston Mouth from Northridge, CA for providing the music for the podcast. Check them out here.

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Aw man if I could have done this over I would have much cooler stuff ! T_T

Thanks for the opportunity Xel =D
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I just listened to your podcast it was good. I didnt know you transitioned from online to offline thats awesome. Thats how it used to be with the arcade scene. Hopefully more players follow your example. I'm all the way down in Miami but if you make it down here we'll definitely play.
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Very nice podcast dude!
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Great podcast boss logged in to give my support

You Danny new name snuck it by me huh:-o
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