Mortal Kombat 9

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Will you be buying Mortal Kombat 9?
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Definitely getting this game!
42 48.84%
Not a major priority but i'll pick it up.
22 25.58%
I'd rather just rent it.
5 5.81%
Fuck Mortal Kombat. Tekken FTW!
17 19.77%
86 Votes 100%
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Originally posted by Baraka
Haven't been paying much attention to this game for awhile now but shieeeeeeet man.

Who represents the MK community

THE GODS ARC: EMP TriForce vs. VSM JamessMK

TriForce is misinformed. VSM is not running Flawless Victory. Mid-Atlantic Kombat is (refer to my sig), and we are working together with Power Up to cross-promote each other.
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Originally posted by deviljin102
MK9 is wonderful, and i liked the roadmap of patches etc. But now since NRS has stopped patching tha game, there are still kinks people are finding wrong. Now jax is the top dog, and cyber sub-zero is still incomplete.

I wish other fightings games would follow this trend, but I guess it's back to the capcom style of updates. You will pay handsomly for them.

Agreed. Most people never gave the game a real chance, but MK9 is great. It may be the best fighting game out right now.

The biggest mistake NRS made was actually patching the game too early, I'd say. Their heart was absolutely in the right place, but a few choices that were made turned out to be detrimental. Jax seemed super weak, so they gave him several buffs that he never truly needed. As people got better with him and learned more about the game, he would've ended up a great character no matter what. Now he's top tier.

SubZero got some nerfs that he didn't need, and now he's regarded as one of the worst. The other thing I don't like is that they gave a lot of characters armored moves. Thats fine, but now certain characters with no armor feel like they're struggling to find their place - Ermac in particular.
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I still play MK9 on almost a weekly basis. Its shelf life has far outlasted any other recent fighting game release for me anyway. Game is just too damn fun. Grab some friends and some beers and even running through the AI ladder is fun as hell.


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