Max DamagermanY 2012: Frankfurt, 16-18.03.2012

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Ohhhh Yeahhhh Thanks Sabre and sephiblack for this amazing event. It was so great seeing all of you guys.

It was pretty obvious anyway but huge congratulation to team Korea for their victory (Very nice guys and soooo strong)

A big congratulation to Team UK too, you three guys are so strong and stylish LOL. @ Ryan : I'll bring you some "french chouquette" next event (^_^)

I met and talked to people I didn't even know before. I played against people of High level, That was a very nice moment.

What about the king "Malekith" man you 're so strong and funny, very nice to have meet you and congratulation to you again.

Thanks for the freeplay to my friend Xeon (we didn't have our rematch in this tournament as in UT XIII but did very nice freeplay), Sephiblack (did impressive progress since last time at home, GG), Redihokuto (Waaaaaa sooo strong too, very friendly too nice to meet you again), Adanish (Link clone lol, very nice guys), "Emperor" (thanks man, for your friendship after kicking my Lei's ass, giving me some advices... I really appreciated. No reget)...

didn't mention every one I met but Hope to see you very soon all of you guys. Take care and thanks for all the videos that have been taken (ColdHeart)

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Signature Do your best but have fun first ! (^_^)

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