Tekken Tag 2 Unlimited - USA Arcade Release?

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I would like to say thanks to Namco and everyone there making it happen, Harada, Murray, Filthy Rich, and others I'm truly sorry that I missed who is part of making this happen. This shows that they do care about us moreso than what's in our wallets. You guys will have my ful support and don't let the haters stop you guys from doing something only grateful. They will have your support as well. Haters are confused and don't know what they want.
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Originally posted by MAC404
Everyone should have to start on even playing field... I hope when the game release on console they change the properties to every move. All we need is a good practice mode

So youre saying that everyone in Korea/Japan/the rest of the world should basically NOT have been playing the game the past 4 months and not play it for another 8 months since you would want it to change again when all of the world can have it at the same time? Sounds like a bad idea.

Originally posted by N-StradAT9
So.. good news for uh, NY/LA/maybe Texas? Even putting aside the tiny number of arcades that are still around, how does this make financial sense for namco to do? Did everybody forget about how they burned arcade operators with the exclusive T5 machine, and then just releasing the ps2 version in less than 3 months? Unless of course they intend on pushing back the console release another year.

i loved going to arcades to learn and play fighters, but that was a decade ago and things have changed. Not trying to be that guy, but this is actually bad news for the vast majority of people in the US that want this game.

The T5 situation is different because arcade owners had NO IDEA that the PS2 version was coming within 3 months. In this case, they've ALREADY announced the release date of the console version and its up to the arcade owners to decide if that makes sense for them financially (6-9 months, which is 2-3x what they had with T5.0).

How is this bad news for the vast majority of people in the US that want this game? They're still getting it when Namco said they would get it... Holiday 2012. There is 0 news of that changing. So basically THIS news is saying, some of you will get to play it between now and then, and youre saying thats BAD for the rest of the country who is getting it at the same time they were planning to get it anyway?

Namco cant make everyone happy, but at least theyre trying
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I dont think people realize that is this is an official US release, then youll be able to see it in a lot more places than just arcades. just like T5
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So you're not jealous but why are so worked up in addressing the problems with the US release? So you're saying it's bad news for Namco taking up their own time and resources to make an international version to release to the US. Once again, why are you so concern about the health of Namco? You may work in a software development but not in Namco (unless you do and I don't know about it) so I don't think it's up to you to make such an executive decision or even dare to question Harada and his team. When they are going out to help to us and even sometimes bend over backwards for us, it's disrespectful of you to shit on their work and give it back to them.

Why are you so concern about the arcade owners losing money? If you worked or owned an Arcade before and lost money in the process, I would definitely respect your opinion on predicting the arcade's economy. You don't know how many people will go the arcades to play. You don't know when the arcade is going to make their money back or not. If that's the risk the arcade owners going to take, then let them be. It's their decision. It's their health. And it's not yours. You don't know if the arcade scene is going to die when the console version is released. It certainly didn't for Japan and maybe the US will be the same this time around. When the arcade scene die in the US as in there is absolutely 0% arcades in the US, I will be gladly to PM you and tell you that you're right all along.

So it's not good for the community? The truth is that you're the minority in this Tekken community for thinking this is not good for our community. So I don't think you have much to say in speaking for the majority of the people here. The rest of us are respectful enough to be grateful to anything what Namco does for our community.

When you say that it further hurts the chances of US arcades buying namco products in the future, you pretty much contradicted yourself in telling us how bad it is for the community if we were to buy TUTT2 You are the reason why we don't have the chance to buy namco products in the future. For them allowing us to buy TUTT2 goes to show us that we can buy namco products in the future.

Alright you're not jealous. You're trolling.
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THE CALI, NEW YORK AND TEXAS RELEASE!!!! bout damn time lol
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No pads? I've heard otherwise....Not a big deal anyways. It's not like owners won't put them in anyways.
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