4Gamer's Interview With Harada On Tekken Unlimited

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I'd assume they only have head to head cabnets for pair play , not side by side.
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Originally posted by Rocquito
Guys, if you have tried TTT 2 already. Is it faster than T6, or is it only my feeling? When I tried it, the speed felt better, and even the few juggles I suffered were not SO painful because it was faster. Any opinion on your side?

I and most everyone here agree the pace is faster and the movement is quicker. I never played DR seriously but when I hear people talk about movement in that game, TT2 comes to mind. Much better/easier than BR. Though I guess good players said the movement is as good in BR as it was in DR as long as you practiced, so maybe thats also part of the 'dumbing down' process?

Thumbs down to the 1 character option. After all, BR is still around for those who really enjoy 1v1...
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