FINAL ROUND XV March 2-4, 2012 The 15th Aniversary
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Tekken 6 top 8 is scheduled to be streamed starting 9 AM EST.
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Does anyone know who's top 8 for Tekken?
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T6 on Spooky. Finals were Stellar! if you missed it watch the replay. Results below.

Spoiler (highlight to reveal)

- Anakin puts Clint into losers
- GM eliminates PokChop
- Clint eliminates Exalted
- GM eliminates Clint in losers finals.
- AO puts Anakin into losers (Japan getting hype)
- Anakin eliminates GM
- Anakin vs AO in grand finals
OMG hype finals! AO takes first two games, then anakin takes 6 rounds straight.
AO switches to miguel and anakin just barely resets it!
AO goes back to Alisa & loses, goes back to miguel and loses... 2-0 Anakin.
AO goes back to Alisa and finally wins another game. 2-1 Anakin.
AO comes up with a way to get around Anakin's pokes. 2-2
Anakin takes it! Crowd gets hype! AO looked like he was practically in tears, hugs all around from team japan.

1st- ATL HOA
2nd- AO
3rd- GM
4th- Clint
5th- Pokchop
5th- Exalted
7th- OFDP
7th- Aceunlimited

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