Online practice Mode To Encourage In Game Learning

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Originally posted by Cosmic_Castaway
If this is in reply to me, then you missed some sarcasm.

No, it wasn't aimed at you, your comment was funny.

Originally posted by LAWZ-Mike
why not make the local players better and not people far from you? why limit your skills to create habits to try and break down what someone with basic fighting sense can learn on their own? that's the whole point of grinding in practice mode (the gym),develop basic skills such as punishment, throw breaking, spacing, traps, ect. then you "spar". nobody is going to hold your hand in tournament . I use youtube for online training, there you can see thousands of play styles and techniques. about 10% of the online community play the game properly, 90% of people who play offline, and train with people of higher skill level offline, get better each time you play them.

Just think about what you're saying here for just a moment. You're arguing against a tool that could increase the skill level of the general tekken population. Just think about that for just one second.

What you also fail to realize is that everyone learns differently. Some are visual, some are hands on. You can watch videos and read strat threads/guides all day. If you are coming from one game and never had a good base in this game it's not gonna seep in your head very well at all and it's gonna take a time(possibly more than necessary) to grasp even the most basic of concepts.

I'm speaking from experience. I was a slow learner and couldn't quite grasp proper tekken play despite playing local competition in casual play and numerous tournaments back in the day. The top players in my area took me to practice mode and explained the science of tekken to me all those years ago. Today I'm just gonna say I've fought very few Fengs or Dragunovs who can match my Feng and Dragunov. I'm not bragging about myself, I'm just telling you how well helping someone out can work.

You talk about "nobody is gonna hold your hand in a tournament". Tourament time is the time to prove one's self. When it's time to learn it's not a contest to see who is the most badass, that's what tournaments are for. Learning time is time to get help if you need it.

To me all that stuff you are saying just sounds like a lot of tough guy talk. Everyone should be willing to help each other. People wonder why Americans will never be as good as the Koreans or the Japanese. it's because we all wanna be tough and hide things from each other. Over there they share everything with each other. If we keep this up we'll just continue to be 2nd class Tekken players.

Just remember the better everyone else is, the better you'll become.
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I'm cool with you making people better, that want to be better. And the thing about online players is that they complain too much about losing ONLINE! But they can't face the facts that the real competition is offline, so you need to practice OFFLINE! online is just for kicks. So basically you're going to turn scrubs into average players. Then they'll realize that online is just a piece of shit way to play Tekken. I started playing tekken as an online player, and the transition from that to offline really brought out a whole new way I think about the game.
The people I fought were helpful enough to kick my ass and make me adapt to whats really going to happen if you do this move or that move. Notice I say "Think", because most online players don't "think" they just "React". because they haven't had anyone play them to discipline them to do otherwise. Yeah I'm a tough guy, cause that's what my city has trained/shaped me to be, as a tekken player. But tough doesn't mean I'm not humble, and being humble doesn't mean I have to babysit or go soft on new players.
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Virtua Fighter 4 Evolution had a session mode where you could learn various techniques for characters, offense and defense.

Something I've noticed is that Tekken has never had that feature. You pretty much have to learn on your own, which means strategy guides and forums.

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Online Practice? For Tekken? With the lag their online has?

I think Harada and his team have gone off the rocker

Online Practice. Tekken is a fucking arcadde game. Nothing about it should be online

A SFIV type in depth mode for each character would be better if they really want to do a goo practice moode
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I don't understand. Do people not want more useful features because they want the game out earlier? I'm not sure how you can support the community and say no to online practice mode. If a person can't control themselves from developing lag tactics then that's there problem. Let them try that in a tournament and take your easy win.

I'm just guessing but I'm sure the people saying no to online practice mode have played tekken for awhile and tag2 wont be there first tekken. I thought it would be common knowledge that everyone's situation isn't ideal and everyone doesn't have a huge tekken scene in there area for offline play so online practice is perfect for them.

The only thing that is needed to go along with online play is something to detect and tell you how much input lag you have between yourself and the person your trying to connect to. Not some colored bar that makes you think the connection is good but something to test and say ok it's this many more frames for your inputs when your connecting with said person.

Maybe a good idea would be for them to come out with an edition with no online or other features for a cheaper price(nice for tournaments or those who only play offline) and an edition that has everything so no one has room to complain.
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FINALLY I've been wanting this for a long while now <3 This is going to be a far superior learning tool than anything that has ever existed before in Tekken. A complete offline practice mode, AND online for friends and players who live too far away from you ^_^

And to everyone complaining about how it's going to lag a lot... Are we forgetting the new netcode? If it were using the old T6BR netcode then i'd be worried, but right now I'm going to stay optimistic (:
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