Compilation of Med combos?

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1st Dan
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I'm very new to this game and here's what I lose out to the most:

-People who duck a lot
-People who hit with much faster / longer-ranged priority strikes

I'm hoping if I can get a medium chain going, it would improve my game dramatically. But most of the moves I know are either 2-hit combos or High attacks. And doing the crouching, long-ranged low kick for zoning isn't helping me at all.

Edit: I went into Training mode and start using down-forward X (2) into Y. Very fast startup and does 25% damage. I literally won 4/5 of my next fights online.

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For Rushdown, Miguel's jabs, (1, or df+1) are very fast so it cuts off enemy attacks very easily. Usually, when I play Miguel, I'm the one "rushing down" with my jab pressure. Also, side-stepping and whiff punishing is a very basic Tekken technique on people who are rushing you down.

For people who duck, your df+1 is a mid. Also, your jump kick (I think it was uf+4. The one that launches) is a low crush. Meaning it dodges a low move while hitting low. I believe your df+2,1 is a mid hitting launcher as well.

Against characters that have better range than you, you might want to either rush them down first or whiff punish them by side-stepping. Most well ranged moves usually don't track (I think).
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1st Dan
Joined: Jan 2012
Posts: 11
From: United States
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Okay. I'm having a couple of new problems that came up. I use Sample Combo 3 as my bnb and whenever it gets to the part where he does the knee at the end (df 4), the game seems to reset the input to d4, leaving me with a low kick instead no matter how hard I hold df.

Also, of the very few Low moves that I can use with Miguel (d4, 12), things like this get blocked even AFTER I hit with the initial strike. In most fighting games I play, combos can't get blocked, yet this one can, assuming that it's not a counter hit. Are there any low moves I can use that are guaranteed good setups/damage and don't get blocked?

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