YORKSHIRE CARNAGE - Feb 4th, Media Museum Bradford
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First ever gaming event like this happening at the National Media Museum in Bradford, 4th Feb next month

Tekken 6BR and SC5 will feature, 1vs1 double elimination format with group stages, trophies and prizes for winners.
Bring your own controller or stick



We will be organising 6 game tournaments in a single day event in 1vs1 double elimination format, group stages if needed.

SC5 and DOA4 will be FREE entry
Tekken6BR, SSF4AE, UMVC3 BlazBlueCSEx will have a fee of 5 to enter

All matches will be streamed live on TwitchTV and we will be giving away trophies and prizes for all touraments, including official game merchandise in some cases

Registrations will be open up until 10 minutes before the tournament actually begins, just turn up on the day and you're sorted!

Check the other poster for tournament times and more info

The event will be hosted at the National Media Museum!
Arguably one of the best gaming venues in Bradford, if not Yorkshire, with excellent transport links and a building which cant be missed, the National Media Museum is the pride of Bradford and has everything we could have asked for

We will setup systems for casual gaming on the side too, so it isn't all about the tournaments.

Website: www.YorkshireCarnage.co.uk

Tekken 6:BR (PS3)
Tournament begins @ 7:00 pm

* Registration fee: 5

* Prizes : Trophy for winner, Cash prize for top 3 from pool, minimum 100/50/20
* Special prizes : To be confirmed

* Matches per set : Best 2 of 3
* Rounds per match: 3 (best of 5)
* Time : 60 seconds
* Stage : Random
* Characters : All allowed

Soul Calibur 5 (PS3)
Tournament begins @ 6:00 pm

* Registration fee: Free

* Prizes : Trophy for winner
* Special prizes : To be confirmed
Rules to be confirmed

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