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1st Dan
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#61 “Quote” Edit Post
scenario campaign? just arcade?
Dragon Lord
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#62 “Quote” Edit Post
in SF charge characters crouch backwards to avoid moving so they can charge a move. that is going to SUCK in the tekken world as mids are deadly counters to that.

- Charge time should be reduced to 3/4 duration. either that or have a lot of WS mixups for the tekken roster so the charging gets more respect, from the opponent.
- charge moves should be safe on block
- to compensate for this, charge moves should have zero tracking either direction

- ultra moves should be able to track and do chip damage. however the movelist should only be available when raged.
- ultra moves should have a windup like tekken unblockables and should be able to get jab interrupted as they can be easily spotted (in rage and a windup).

- fireballs go hit mid with zero tracking, and leave the caster at -frames to avoid spamming, or hit high and move faster. either way whats important is -frames on using the fireball so that spamming from far doesnt happen. EX moves dont exist either i dont think.

- dhalsim cant hit mid from far.

- focus attack should have the option to hold a direction for tracking the direction pressed at the cost of losing a bit of damage from the attack. that way focus attacks can still create a mindgame.

The most important part of course is that a SF player has to feel like he's playing SF, even though its tekken. thats the challenge. fireball strategies should ideally be the same in the tekken engine even.

EDIT: i also dont think that you need to extend the SF movelist so much, as tekken characters have a limited movelist in tourneys. with sidestepping possible, then SF chars wont have distinctly bad matchups.
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#63 “Quote” Edit Post
I'd like to see Rufus, and Bob make it back to the game that'd settle the score for best fat fighter Ganryu vs E Honda too haha

Ihope the character roster is huge just like Capcom vs SNK/Marvel vs Capcome etc
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2nd Dan
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#64 “Quote” Edit Post
Tag System would be nice!! But The only thing that I want is a good online mode. Not like the "laggy" one of T6...
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2nd Dan
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#65 “Quote” Edit Post
wonder what yoshi could do...

always played ken. so like, ken and yoshi?

still no idea how what yoshi's moves are in this game
Baron West
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#66 “Quote” Edit Post
Personally, I'd rather not see the Tekken 2/Soul Blade style leaps come back. I'd like for things to be kept on the ground, such as Akuma's fireball being like Devil's air laser.

I'd like to see Zangief's SPD to be A) Extremely Easy to buffer and B) have a small escape window like Mad Axes.

I'd like Bison(Dictator) to have his Kick throw from SFEX, and make it just as difficult to combo from it.

Due to the way the SF move set is...I can imagine most of the SF characters having extremely good ground-hitting kicks and special mids. Ryu/Ken/Akuma will probably have really, really good wake-ups. I can just imagine crouching roundhouse after a throw.

Linear moves like Hadoken, Sonic Boom, Psycho Crusher, Sumo Headbutt, et cetera are probably going to be very easy to sidestep. I imagine the same will be true for Dhalsim's long strikes.

Flash Kick and others may simply be WR moves.

Charge moves might be changed to b,ffn moves. They might be kept the same, but it may be a little bit problematic charging against an opponent that can sidewalk.

This will probably be a Tag game. Namco will most likely do a lot of analysis based on the reception of Tag2, and then put the information in play for Tekken x SF. If that is correct, then the game could have a potentially massive roster.

Karin, Armor King, Sakura, Guy, Cammy, King, Mike Haggar, Ogre and Rose all appeared in Namco x Capcom, in addition to Bison, the Mishimas and the Shotos. They might be a bit more likely to show up in Tekken x SF.

From a Developer's point of view, I don't think it's going to be difficult importing characters from Tag 2 into TxSF. The real challenge is going to be making a bunch of SF characters from scratch. Since the SF Universe is so massive, Namco could theoretically have a Capcom Rival for each of the characters in T6. However that would be over 70 characters. Unheard of for a 3-D fighting game outside of Tobal 2, and in that instance most of them were just clones.

...I'd really like to see a Soul Calibur type game. Where the Soul characters go against characters from Warzards, Onimusha, DMC, et cetera.
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2nd Dan
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#67 “Quote” Edit Post
i will weep if they retain the ridiculous speed of shoryukens. ryu's srk = 3 frames. shenanigans, damn it.
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#68 “Quote” Edit Post
they haven't even begun working on this game yet.

Signature walls, breakable environments, item moves, rage and bound have ruined tekken gameplay.
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#69 “Quote” Edit Post
Karin Kanzuki from SF as a playable character! Oh the shenanigans I can imagine her and Lili getting up too...

Karin confusing Asuka for Sakura and vice versa... would be ammusing.
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#70 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by Mad Hittman
- Leave out forced auto upload, there already is an option to upload, so it is redundant
- Bring back naming rooms
- Replay saving in online rooms
- Add a connection filter in online rooms. Only players with that connection can enter the room (yellow and above, green and above...)
- Observer mode. This is a cool idea. Turn observer mode on, you can only watch the matches in the room. This should be also possible when you enter a room and a match is already in progress. Turn it off, you can both watch and play. (The connection filter should also be applied here because AFAIK, low connection destroys the connection for the entire room)
- Deathmatch mode. Works the same way as casual invitations, only the rank gets affected here. Also, various filters should be added...
- When online match is rejected by the other player, just auto search again
- Do not split up pool of available opponents based on all player search criteria. Now, if two players don't have the exact same match search settings, they will not be included in each others searches, even if they may be a mutual match for what each is looking for. If I search by rank and someone else searches by connection, we should still be able to match up. Separating pools of available players by region n voice on/off is ok; BUT if I live in the usa and search "world," I should be able to find a player who is searching "usa."

So long as this is sorted will be a pretty sweet game due to the only issue me having with Tekken 6 is the Online.
4th Dan
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#71 “Quote” Edit Post
I'm worried about the fireballs part :S
3rd Dan
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#72 “Quote” Edit Post
I would like to see Gen, Zafina, Karin, Lei, and Maki.
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#73 “Quote” Edit Post
Originally posted by ficko88
I'm worried about the fireballs part :S

it will be in but probably in a Tekken context.

it is Ryu Tekken style. So TxSF will still be a Tekken game and not play like SF.
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#74 “Quote” Edit Post
R.mika is getting a lot of unity requests for Ono to put her in SFxT, harada should take that request and put her in his game.

If harada is going the 'guest character route' , he should only put in characters from namco and capcom so both systems have the characters. John Taliban has like a 300 post over at 'ask capcom', maybe convert another request more money for tekken, more sequels from Namco.
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#75 “Quote” Edit Post
I liked the idea of EWGF's breaking through projectiles. Like seen in the SFxT trailer. it'd be neat if the Tekken cast who can't throw fireballs, had a JF style move that would break through them, and saving them the inconvenience of going into frame disadvantage.
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#76 “Quote” Edit Post
This should be the TKvsSF cast!

1.Jin/Devil Jin
2.Kazuya/Devil Kazuya
4.Paul Pheniox
5.Marshal or Forest Law
8.Bryan Fury
9.Jack X
13.Eddie Guerdo/Tiger Jackson
14.Lei Wulong
15.Alex/Roger JR
22.Nina Williams
23.Anna Williams
24.Christie Montiero
27.Michelle Chang
30.Boss: Jinpatchi_

1.Ryu/Evil Ryu
2.Ken/Dark Ken
5.Fei Long
6.Charlie Nash
7.El Fuerte
16.Chun Li

1.Capcom: _Morrigan from Darkstalkers_
2.Namco: Ivy from Soul Caliber

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#77 “Quote” Edit Post
i cant wait to see ken's shinryuken in 3D
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6th Dan
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#78 “Quote” Edit Post
thats quite a wishlist you took most of the things I wanted to put down but in the end we can only wait untill trailers are released I hate trailers of my favorite games
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#79 “Quote” Edit Post
i want:
combo breakers !
a 'no juggle' option!
Gill or Urien heavy hitters that have a really impressive appearence
look at VF5fs! i never seen such a detailed animation for a fighting game! i want something like that!
win 'tekken money' through fights, (online or arcade)! 30% of the winner's amount for the loser!
no mendatory tekken force-like to get money to buy customisation items!

A STORY, not vealsheet wannabe funny stories and endings. KEEP IT SERIOUS!
i played all the tekken games! i'm tired of you not taking your games seriously on consoles.
you think i have 60 bucks to spare?

i want something that makes me feel that the story mode isn't just a filler in a game i bought 60 bucks.
i don't want one of your crazy stunt you call an ending:
-i wanted to see xiaoyu get rejected properly, fleshing the characters more rather than a (well made) cartoon of xiaoyu getting a fun park from heihachi!
-i wanted asuka really dealing with jin instead of the same ending told three times from three different point of views and it looked like an opening!
-i wanted to know whyjun had a son with kazuya when both are enemies !
-what about steve and his only 10 years older mother? what about his aunt?
- there are not that many cool black characters in fighting games and you don't build on Bruce irvin? Flesh him up a bit?
WHY do they fight?
Japan is the land of J dramas and you can't produce a believable serious story?
what do you think pushes people to buy figmas and the like? CHARACTERS! you have to build them. you wasted fifteen years already!i m ready to accept things like your cgi movie and weak story stunts like armor king having a twin!KEEPIT SERIOUS!

here is a little bit of what i would like to see . it is not much and plz do not mind my poor engrish.
it isn't a pulitzer, there is just no crazy alien invasion or weird Eden scene with all the animals in he area hanging around a young woman!

ken heard about the iron fist tournament becoming wider and broadening its fighters roster limit fromSean . he promised not to go overwork himself to his wife and to come back by next month for his son's birthday.
ken told ryu who is always ready to go explore what is beyond his present capacity. fighting to win not just train is very good to help him keep the dark habou at bay.

sakura graduated from college and meet again her friend rainbow mika, who, homeschooled & trained by her adoptive mother never went to college, focusing on her wrestling carrier well in progress.
While announcing that she heard about the tournament they pass by karin who graduated too from the same major sakura did but wasn't as good. she now knows where to go next to impose at last her superiority on sakura.

interpol hears about shadowlaw officaly branching out to partners to get more world wide influence. Vega, uses this pretext to get closer to the mishima zaibatsu who is known in the underwolrd of japan to have at its head uncanny individuals. the many street fighters vega organised to get a stronger tie to his artefacts powers(SF2 the animated movie's necklace amoung other things) wore his link to them thin instead. to be assured of his continued reign and the expansion of shadowlaw he needs to investigate the mishimas rumored powers of transformation into amazing creatures.

Cammy tried again and again to save the twins (see sf3) from vega's influence but never could. she is interested in the tournament to get closer to them. one of them is scared: as vega loses more and more of his power he becomes more and more violent and volatile. the thinker they used to follow the orders of, sacrifices his followers in bigger numbers, kills to punish failure. shadowlaw becomes a slauther house and those who flee blindly get all caught and executed. the twins need cammy and her organisation for extraction. in exchange they will share all the info they have on shadowlaw.
Both interpol and cammy's organisation (which has ex agents of shadowlaw,'sisters' of cammy) join forces to bring down whatever emerges from a cooperation shadowlaw-mishima.

jin s father got the company back, his grandfather is hunting him down and he doesn't know what to do about his mixed feelings for asuka kazama. she is a very distant relative from his mother's side
who can cleanse his worst side away, seal it for a while. At will. no other mishima knows this, he has to keep it to himself: what if they weaponize her ability against him? what if..... what if mishima's are weak against kazamas. onis and mikos? no way. this is too big to share with the crazy direct relatives. he doesn't even know if SHE knows about all this.....what better than a tournament to destroy all the mishimas in his path!

Kazuya sitting on the mishima throne can savor his power completely, at last. But he musn't rely on anything. he needs to grow even more powerfull! jin will back. he needs to train. he sent the invites to the strongest participants of past tekken iron fist tournaments.

Since kazuya snatched the zaibatsu from him years ago heihachi managed to get it back once.
now that jin is in the picture there will be less chances for him to get it back into its rightful owner! He still knows how to organise a tournament and how HIS OWN company function! he infiltrated the tekken department and modified the message: tekken for this year would broaden its boundaries and invite more fighters from more places!
the mess it will create will permit him to surprise at least ONE of his descendants! before jin, only his wife and son had that strange very powerful transformation ability. now his grandson has it too.
not to worry. he managed before he will still do. they have that power and can't even dull him. they 'll never be able to . they won't see him coming, he will strike, hard and fast and the company will be his again. there should be enough new contenders to occupy jin for a while, during which....

Kunimitsu faked her death.she came back after yoshimitsu left his clan. the clan cannot pursue her anymore: the orders of the ex head do not continue onward to the new one. she is now free to go hunt yoshimistsu once again for framing her. even after year sof training she couldn't reach him in the tekkentag t2. she will be able to now. and his blood will be on her blade.

makoto doesn't know anymore. her father's dojo is beyond saving and so many fighters were stronger than her in the sf3 tournament 3rd edition.
seeing the dojo year after year falling into nothingness took a toll on her.
she isn't the lively fighter she was before. her style changed became more destructive . in her eyes she is stronger. in martial artists wannabes she is a danger to the popularity of the sport. she is too gloomy to hang around with, too unforgiving to kumite with. well she does train a lot these days. to occupy her mind get out of the house....the tournament might be a way to settle her debt to her father. she couldn't save the dojo, but she'll fight in that tournament. not to her heart contempt but to salute her father's accomplishment, her past with him, without him, her ....unachieved greatness.

.....and move on.

Sakura heard about the tekken thing from mika. she saw in the corner of her eye that silly stalker karin. karin should have heard.
if sakura doesn't go, karin won't. wait. what if karin is already registered?karin is cute with her whole rival thing but sakura doesn't think of her like that. her passion is for martial art and so few people around her understand. karin should. like masters ryu and ken! no, it isn't . karin want to do more than mesure herself to her.
she wants to prove her superior moves..
well it is true that sakura learned from watching ryu train...too thin and weak, she trained 'with' him for laughs but she had school, she couldn't be there shadowing him everyday. when he disappeared, she felt that something was missing.
she began to train by herself, making up moves that made sense to her when she met a hole in her technique.
this, was when she met karin. she wasn't very good yet, but she always been a quick learner. karin was showing off in P.E. again as usual!.
when it was her turn to be evaluated she rocked it. she rocked it so hard she was herself completely stunned. sickly litte sakura doing even better than karin?
the arm was done.
sakura didn't become the star, she didn't become the popular girl, she became the one who could do it, and do it better than karin. she became the 'other one' who made what karin could do...common.
karin's group of groupies was so much thinner now.
that girl didn't even know if sakura existed before that. then sakura experienced whan a worm out of the anonymity of the earth could feel, naked, face to face with a goose.
karin cornered her.
sakura didn't want to fight but in the end had to. karin 's familly was known to be good martial arts practitioners so it would be a nice 'sparring' ... in the midst of the fight sakuraz was so focused that she sent karin to the ground with a wave of energy.
astounded, she remembered that ryu in his most heated fights could send a ball of light to the enemy and knocked them out.
she had to master that.

her daddy never laid a hand on her, her tutor instructed her with great care of not hurting her and that proletarian little beach knocked her DOWN? how will she explain the bruise? she met a door? she fell down? she wasn't that stupid and didn't want to appear so! NEVER!
she will have to sneak in and put something frozen on it as soon as....were is that skunk?
she LEFT? without asking if she was ok? she has to pay for this. it is on, it is so on it s ON!
Sakura stopped reminiscing & decided to participate in TxSF. she had to meet karin see if they could be ....more friendly.
Karin, in her father's car decided to stop thinking about the past and called to see if her valet had finished registering her in the tournament.

see? no one is tying noone to rockets, no one is making anyone run around in g strings, no kangoos are watching tv in the zaibatsu basement while their wife fight, no crazy chinese cook is loosing his restaurant money.
it can be done the serious way . it takes me a while and namco is so stingy in story that it is hard for me to recall if this or that is a mistake or not.
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#80 “Quote” Edit Post
That is just to much text for me to be assed reading
Assumig Capcom doesn't decide to pull out after there pathetic excuse of a game, I'd be happy as long a the following were in the game

Tekken side - Feng, A bear (There's no need for 2, just like theres no need for both the capo's), Bruce. Not particularly bothered about the rest tbh.

SF side - Juri, Gen ( Yes I want Gen in this game) and Adon. The only SF characters I have ever liked at all tbh. Oh and Dan of course

If there is a Tag option, then you know I'm playing Bruce/Adon

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