T6 Leo Vids: Diary of a Mad Woman!

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if u wanna see check me out when i first started playing

6th Dan
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awesome vids man!...this fckn awesome!...btw, you usually use b3,1 as B! ender why not use d/f 1+2, 1+2, qcf 2 in an open field?

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6th Dan
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Originally posted by Bunny-
A few things I noticed:

You use ws2 way too often. I know that Leo has a nice ws-game, but this move is -13. If someone punishes you correctly for this, you will lose against an opponent who only holds back.
Don't get me wrong, it is a good move, but situational. Nothing you can keep spamming.

The same thing counts for ff4,3. This was the only move you did, when you were at a certain range. It is also punishable and you were lucky, that your opponents didn't know of Leos frames.

You have to use every Oki situation you get. Leo won't get much of them. See the first vid at 1:39. You hit a fc df3 and won't go for anything. Do a ff2 against backroll, ff4 against quickstand, qcf fc df3 for siderollers and ff3 for lay still.

NEVER ever use qcf2~b or 1,2~b. Look at 0:57 at first vid, this is the thing that happens if someone knows how to punish you for this shit. Both moves are Minus on block, even if you don't go into KNK.
But if you go into KNK you are even more at minus frames. And if you try to crouchdash out of it, you are a free launch.

The last point I noticed:
You play pretty much defensive. That's not a problem, but if you want to use this playstyle, you should be better at backdashing and whiffpunishing. And you would have to know when to use a magic 4.
When you start to play aggressive like in the second vid you just mash one move after another. You don't sidestep at all. When you use a jab, df1, df2+3, d1, Bok1 and so on ... sidestep from time to time after one of this moves and bait a whiff.

I won't talk about juggles, I think you know yourself that this isn't the maximum you can get. But this is not the most important thing and you will get better juggles when playing more often with Leo.

i myself learned a lot from this..

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