Your method of learning a new character?

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I start playing around in practice mode as well as doing Ghost Matches against the CPU. Then I'll start to dig deeper by watching match videos, combo videos, reading combos and strategies here at TZ, and if they are available I'll watch tutorial videos. Then I'll play online against higher skill opponents and get bodied untill I learn to adjust my game properly.
War Lord
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memorizing their command list thoroughly then watching combo movies and try to identify every move that has been used...its pretty useless to create new juggles as its already been discovered... i just find my own tricks, mind games and set ups
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- Learn the staple juggles/Lowparry/BT Juggles
- check out top moves... u can check the whole Movelist but i think its just a waste of time.
- check frames ! important !
- wallcarry
- watch tekken vidz what Top Playes are doin in certain Scenarios like techroll, quickrise and so on.
- check TZ for the Q and A Thread
- play ghost mode to practice movement / juggles and the right wallcarry/Wallcombo/Punishment
- if you play online u can use it to practice mix & setups but only those which will work offline too.

I would really recommend the Q&A Thread of each char coz there is plenty of useful information.
I also like to write down the most important things for myself.


begin with Tekken basics first (BDC/stepping/whiff punish/bait and so on )

If you are a decent Tekken Player u can learn new chars very fast but it takes time to master them.
Bryan furry
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I spend most my time in practice with Bryan learning his taunt unblocable timings for like a week until I got the timing perfect.Then I try out some online games then back in practice.

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