sithlord's Combo QnA: mashter

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In a brutally honest interview, mashter answers my next set of questions. Topics include Boskon, Tekken Community Projects, KYSG, and if he will be returning for Tekken Tag Tournament 2 via submitted questions by sithlord.
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sithlord: You and Boskon were one of the first to start making long combo movies for Tekken. What drove you to do this? What were your inspirations during this time?

mashter: When I think back to that time, I can only think crazy and naÔve things about myself Ė and that is completely true.
The crazy part was to make the very first combo movie using two VHS video players and play it via VHS player during the biggest Tekken tournament in history (1999, Poland-Katowice, TK3 only, 622 players).
The naÔve part was that I was thinking that this will make me special, something like a star of polish Tekken scene.
That was the first long combo movie I have done but only 622 odd Tekken players know it.
The first long combo movie which I made with Boskon "to the internet" was Unnamed. It was a lot of work using very weak computer with no skill at all.
My inspiration was very simple: movies. From 10 years old I was dreaming of making games and movies. I just wanted to do something more than just a Tekken movie, juggle after juggle and thatís it. That was hypertrophy of form over content but try to tell that to an 18 year old kid

sithlord: Would you like to see Tekken Combo Videos that span Tekken 1-4 and even into 5DR, 6BR and now TTT2 Prologue?

mashter: Of course I would be happy to see that kind of movie but truly I donít believe that there is a lot of unexplored stuff waiting in TK1-TK6.
My best idea in that matter is to make a full length movie from TK1 to TK6 with the best combos from each Tekken that has been made. Something like the best from the best. Everything in 720p, directed and edited at very high level. That would be something, wouldn't it?

sithlord: Why Tekken as opposed to other fighting games at the time?

mashter: Because of the unlimited space for creative playing and juggles Ė the best thing I have ever experienced in fighting games.

sithlord: You have not released anything for Tekken 6. Any particular reason? Have you been keeping up with the latest Combo Videos for Tekken 6?

mashter: I havenít released anything for Tekken 6 because I donít like the game and I am running a couple of my own businesses, so I donít have so much time that I had in the past.
Yes, from time to time I am watching TK6 videos. But because of this game, there is no love between me and Tekken anymore.

sithlord: In your opinion, what makes for a good or memorable combo? What about an entire Combo Video?

mashter: I put all my bets for the creativity. It is really cool if combos are hard to make and the editing is pro but without the creative/new stuff, it canít be good in my opinion. I really donít like videos in which the author tries to prove that he can do that hard stuff from other videos. In this business if something is hard everyone knows this, so I donít see a point of replaying it just to inflate high his ego.
And I really know what I am talking about (mentioning ego) cause I canít handle mine.

sithlord: What advice would you give to other combo artists??

mashter: If you canít make anything that someone didnít, just donít waste your and my time.
Rough but honest and best advice I can give.

sithlord: Back during Tekken 5, you directed the very first Tekken Community Project. A visionary idea by TekkenMasterTom. What made you want to not only sign on to the project, but take the helm in what would be a trendsetting idea??

mashter: Just the same that pushing me all my life Ė do something new, different, risky. Millions of people can say that something would be cool to do, but you need a man with balls to make that happen. And even if this something will not fulfill our expectations there is always needed someone that will do something for the first time. The archetype of my character is an Explorer and I think that this explains most of my actions.

sithlord: How do you feel about KYSG? What is your opinion on Guc11 joinig KYSG?? How do you feel about Prog-sticks now?

mashter: Me and Boskon, we always treated KYSG as our biggest competitor. It was very fun and frustrating at the same time.
Why frustrating? Because we spent tens of hours for checking if something is doable, possible to connect and experiment and they just used the programmable stick and after one minute from the idea tadaaa, yes it works, confirmed!
I didnít like programmable sticks at that time and I still think that there is a lot of more fun without it.
At least they did inform us they used it. We respect them for that.
The Guc and KYSG thing is really hot but frankly I am not close with Tekken anymore, so itís not so big that it would be for me 5 years ago.

sithlord: What has Boskon been doing lately?

mashter: He is playing golf (for real) from two years, learning all by himself (from the scratch) without a trainer. He achieved handicap 10 in that short time without any help.
I am not a golf expert but I think that this is a good start.
I will start my golf adventure form in the next season.

sithlord: Will you and Boskon be returning for TTT2??

mashter: I donít think so. TTT2 seems like TK6 with tag option to me, so there is almost no chance for our return.

sithlord: Thank you very much for participating! You and Boskon have influenced and entertained many people! Is there anything else you would like to say?

mashter: Life is tough, so good luck?

I hate those ďanything to sayĒ kind of questions.
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Good interview.

I hope to meet _mashter_ in L.A. this summer.

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Originally posted by Spinal Villain
Good interview.

I hope to meet _mashter_ in L.A. this summer.

Me too.
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Best surprise ever. I was hoping that Mashter & Boskon will return, but oh well... : (

Making a CMV including Tekken 1 to Tekken 6 would be like the best movie in the world.
Make it come true....please?
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Return? For a game like TTT2 in it's current shape? Naaaaah. I can understand their decision.
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Ahh Mashter & Boskon, I remember them from a Tekken 5 Ling combo vid, I was very impressed.

Thanks a lot for the interview, it was really interesting.
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Very entertaining interview! THX!
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Heh i wanted to be on that tournament but i was 9 yeasr old...
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Haha, I actually was at that tournament (I think...unless there were more huge ones in Katowice)
Its was great, although we had to wait for 5 hours to finally get to play a match, lol; still a great experiance.

Nice interview, your vids were/are among the best ever IMO.

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