Movement/iWR Tutorials and Future Videos by ATP

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In an effort to keep the Tekken scene alive as well as bring new players in who perhaps are intimidated by the game's many complex aspects, I have started doing tutorial videos on the AvoidingThePuddle Youtube channel. People have already requested iWS and crouch cancel tutorials which I will be working on soon. Please keep in mind that my video editing skills are non existent so expect my tutorials to be unedited and old school. Feel free to be open with any suggestions on what you would like to see in the future and please subscribe the our Youtube channel.
The Beard Signal
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Great Stuff, Editing would definitely help though

I definitely agree with the fact that movement is by far the most important and daunting thing for beginners to dabble into. But something equally important IMO is waking up in Tekken. You are almost ALWAYS bound to fall when playing matches and the complexity of Tekken's wakeup game surpasses pretty much every other fighter out there. I also found it the most challenging section to organize in the neogaf guide.

A video outlining when it's best to tech roll, side roll, getup kick, back roll and the possible repercussions of each would be some pretty good material in my opinion. But that in itself would probably have to be a series of 4-5 videos to detail it all. Another possible mini-tutorial would be a crouch cancelling tutorial maybe?

Other than that thanks again for all the effort you're putting towards the scene!

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Wow AAK I just saw your guide, amazing stuff!

Maybe a video explaining the basics of how juggling works could be good? When it's wise to vary it etc depending on all situations... since that's what most new people go straight for and need to master asap.
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Nice Vid. Would be great if it included ISW and other IWR-Moves out of Wavedash. That for example is an important part of AKs Throwgame.
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Great idea and good work. There will always be critiques to fine tune work so i hope you take as constructive and keep helping. I'm a big fan of this type of effort and if possible lend my hand at making some instructional videos as well. There are alot of amazing cmv artists out and i hope they too offer their talents and knowledge.

Has any of the other established instructional resources (e.g. level up your game) offered to host these vids?
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