TTT2 to Consoles on Holidays 2012

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No chance for summer holiday??
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im not to happy on it being release a whole year from now but its whatever..i just hope namco/harado know what there doing and make this wait worth while. And i pray that this prolonged release date doesnt kill the hype it already bad that they have prolouge released already and with the tons of advertising for tekken hybrid it will be almost unbearable to wait for console versions... *sigh* if you ask me they shouldnt have even had prolouge to begin with.
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Originally posted by Angelo1
Those 2 comments are so wrong...

The first one, they are the ones to make profit of TTT2. Hmm that's true, but who bought the arcade machines again? Oh yeah that's right, the arcade owners. They invest $10000 in a cabinet for no reason. They want to make a profit too, and how do they do that? By having an exclusive game that many people want to play before it's released on consoles. Is a month enough to make it profitable for the arcade owners? No they have the right to have an exclusive game for atleast a year. So it's only fair that it's exclusive to arcade owners for a period of time.

Console release will actually bring in more players to the arcades actually. Tekken 6 BR sold a total of 3.2 million copies (PS3 + Xbox 360), and out of these 3.2 million people who bought it, you're going to bring in alot of new blood to the Tekken community, and also people who don't want to burn quarters at the arcades learning the game will have a chance to practice juggles, etc at the comforts of their home before finally feeling confident to head out to the arcades to challenge others. (getting interrupted by a challenger who's an expert at the game when you're just trying to learn a new character, or even just learning the game because you're new to Tekken is really annoying)

A 6 months release on the PS3/Xbox after the arcade release will be the best. Not an entire year's wait.
And Namco should be concentrating on the PS3/Xbox release, not messing around with Wii U and 3DS Tekken Games. I'm not being demeaning to the 3DS and Wii community, but they are not known to play hardcore fighting games like Tekken.

Cooking Mama Smash Brothers would sell like hotcakes on 3DS/Wii. Not Tekken.
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Angelo1, sorry but your argument was basically decontextualizing mine. I never talk about the arcades problem: I talk about the multiplicity of CONSOLE PROJECTS Namco has, and the lack of investment on their own development team. Your opinions MAY even be true, but have nothing to do with what I said.

Even taking that into account, it's still NAMCO'S PROBLEM. It's not our duty to worry about their administration problems, and IT'S our right to claim for a good product in a decent time.

As I said before, 1 year doesn't look like much to me. But they CAN make it faster.

BTW: If the problem is the protection of arcades, then why don't just sell the console game ONLY OUTSIDE of the arcade-active countries? There's a lot of japan or asia exclusive games. They just need to do it in the other way.
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I wanted to go to EVO this year to play Tekken. Not Street Fighter with Tekken characters. I think it's a mistake not having TTT2 out before then. It could have been a good way to make up for last years finals. (Great matches) but looked bad from the outside. So no Tekken at EVO other than StreetFighter x Tekken?
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Oh well, I have a whole 10 to 12 months to play SC5. Also, not to sound like a total casual noob, but the customizations right now in TTT2 are trash. Everything generic. They really need the whole year to make some new customs so I can have more fun playing dress-ups. Hopefully that's what they're doing. Oh, and netcode.
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Non-Asian countries are gonna get wrecked in comps because of -1 year experience again. Oh well.

I personally think that Team Tekken is spread too thin. But, it's not my company, this is someone else's management decision...

Who's up for SCV at EVO?!
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In more than one year Namco wasn't able to change much from Tekken 6 arcade to console: graphics wasn't improved, customization neither, no on line worth to be played, scenario campaign!!!
I am really worried to see the same for TTT2.
I hope to be wrong.
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As long as they don't waste resources in stupid things like Scenario Campaign, they have the capability of make a really great console version...
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lol I kinda liked scenario campaign in the beginning, though I would love 1p only tekken force in the style of tekken 4 as someone earlier mentioned before, but don't make it the core function of the game (like BR was).

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Originally posted by AZYG4LYFE
lol I kinda liked scenario campaign in the beginning, though I would love 1p only tekken force in the style of tekken 4 as someone earlier mentioned before, but don't make it the core function of the game (like BR was).


i liked scenario campaign 2 , shame it wasnt in hybrid hopefully it'll be in ttt2 they got a whole year 2 work on it
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Do you seriously prefer to play scenario campaign instead of... any other beat-em-up better done? or Tekken?
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Why are people even remotely surprised by this? They did this with both 6 and 5 unless I'm mistaken so it's to be expected.

Anyways, I'm proabably going to completely stop watching any Tag2 vids when the new year kicks in though. Part of why the T6 hype train ended shortly for me was because I kept keeping it up with it until it's release (that and it felt like an extension to DR with smaller stages). I would like for it to feel fresh and different when I actually get my hands on it next year.

In the meanwhile, SCV and SFxT are over the horizon, so I'll have something to scratch that fighting game itch (SCV anyways, SFxT looks a mess right now) until then. I'm just hoping the console port itself won't feel like a letdown. Console T6 wasn't as barebones as SCIV, SF4 or MVC3, but it could have been better IMO.
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