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Hi guys.
I'm a 42 yr old tekken addict. I've been playing since tekken 2 and I thought I was good. How wrong I was. After getting a ps3 and 5 DR I am overwhelmed at how bloody awful I am compared to most of the other players online. I still love the game and I want to improve. I can't get beyond second Dan. I had a chat whilst playing a dragon lord two nights ago and he said to work on juggles etc to get started. I just can't seem to nail them down though. Law is my main. Would anybody be kind enough to give me what could be considered some starter juggles including launches please? I just can't seem to move fast enough to do the follow up strikes to keep them high. Apologies for sounding like such a newb but I am a total addict and the game actually helps me wind down after work.
Cheers in advance.
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