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Mr. NO!
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#1 “Quote” Edit Post
This thread will serve as a one-stop destination for anyone looking for information on Roger Jr. It is mainly a compilation of members' posts that have been regarded as useful, with a few edits. Of course some of the information here may be incorrect or missing in some parts, but it is more or less full only the most important information.

This guide will be split into five parts for easy-reference. The Player Comments part contains useful knowledge that did not fit into the other two sections. These include what to do in specific situations, the reasoning for using certain moves, etc.

* This thread does not contain character-specific match-ups.
* Do not post in this thread. For any comments, requests for additions and removals or suggestions, please ask/post in the Consolidated Thread.
* Moderators are free to edit this thread as they see fit.



1. Punishment
2. General Combos
3. Oki
4. Movelist Analysis
5. Player Comments

Shout-outs to these members for contributing to the forum!

Mokujin Man
moN nihciM
The Undertaker78

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Mr. NO!
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#2 “Quote” Edit Post

1,2 = 20
2,1 = 28

df+4 = 16 (Better range)
f+2,1 = 32 (More range than 2,1)

1+2 = 28 (More range than f+2,1)

df+1>2 = 32 (Delaying gives more +frames on hit; has more range than f+2,1)
df+1+2 = 21 (Useless)

uf+4 = Juggle (Short-range)

ff+4 = 28 (Causes odd, rolling knockdown)
ff+2 = 30 (Knockdown)
f+4,3 = Juggle

uf,N+4 = Juggle


FC d+1 (For punishing Bryan ff+4 and such -10 things)

WS+4 = 24

WS+2,2 = 35

WS+3,3 = 29
uf+4 = Juggle

FC df+2 = Juggle

uf,N+4 = Juggle

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Mr. NO!
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From: Australia
#3 “Quote” Edit Post



Note 1: Staples/Reliable combos are tagged with a " # "
Note 2:
CD = Crouch Dash (f,d,df)
AGF = Animal Godfist (f,d,df+1)
ROC = Rocket Stance (b+1+2 OR 1,2,b+1+2)

FC df+2

FC df+2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= AGF (68)
= 1+2, ff+2 (71)
= f+1+2,2 (66)
= f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4 (75)

FC df+2, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= AGF (78)
= f+1+2,2 (76)
= 1+2, ff+2 (79) *
Time the f+4,3,2 on smaller characters
*1+2 timing is also hard

FC df+2, F+2,1, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= AGF (79)

FC df+2, F+2,1, fff+4,3,2 B! *
= AGF (80)
= 1+2 ff+2 (81)
*This combo also works on close range f+4,3 and back-turned 3+4 launcher, which I think does close to 90 damage no wall.


uf+4, SSR 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (66)

uf+4, b+3+4~1, WS+3[3] B! #
= AGF (64)
= 1+2, ff+2 (67)
= 1+2, df+4 (62)
= f+1+2,2
= uf+3+4

uf+4, b+3+4~1, dash, fff+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (69?)
= 1+2, ff+2 (71)
= f+1+2,2

uf+4, b+3+4~1, WS+ 2,2 B!
= 1+2, 1, ff+2

uf+4, b+3+4~1, 1, WS+2,2 B!
= 1+2, ff+2

uf+4, b+3+4~1 dash, 2, fff+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (74)
= 1+2, ff+2 (75)

uf+4, f+2,1, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= uf+3+4
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2

uf+4, 1, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= uf+3+4
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2

uf+4, f+4,3,2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2
= 1+2, df+4
= 1+2, 1,2
= f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4

uf+4, d+1+2,1+2,2 (51) # *
uf+4, 1, 1+2, 1,2,3 # *
uf+4, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! d+1,2 *
*Wall carry option.


uf+1+2, 1+2, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= AGF (92)
= 1+2, ff+2 (93)
= f+1+2,2 (89)

uf+1+2, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (82)
= 1+2 ff+2 (85)
= f+1+2,2 (80)

uf+1+2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2 (86)
= AGF (83)
= f+1+2,2 (81)

uf+1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2 (84)
= 1+2, 1,2,3 (81)

uf+1+2, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! d+1,2 *
*Wall carry option.

uf, N+4; Delayed Hopkick

uf,N+4, b+3+4~1, WS+3[3] B! #
= 1+2, df+4 (77)
= 1+2, ff+2 (82)
= AGF (79)

uf,N+4, SSR 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (81)

uf,N+4, b+3+4~1, dash, 1,2~ROC1+2 B!
= WS+4, d+3+4 (81)

uf,N+4, b+3+4~1, dash, 1, dash, 1+2, df+1+2 B! *
= AGF (85)
*Slight SSR required; EXTREMELY HARD!

uf, N+4, 1, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= uf+3+4
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2

uf, N+4, f+4,3,2 B! #
= f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4
= 1+2, df+4
= 1+2, 1,2

uf, N+4, 1, 1+2, 1,2,3 * #
uf, N+4, d+1+2,1+2,2 (66) * #
uf, N+4, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! d+1,2 *
*Wall carry options.


f+4,3, 1, dash, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (69)
= 1+2, ff+2 (71)
= f+1+2,2 (67)

f+4,3, 2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= f+1+2,2

f+4,3, 2,1, fff+4,3,2 B! *
= AGF (78)
*Slight right-angluation?

f+4,3, 1, dash, 1+2, 1,2,3 * #
f+4,3, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! d+1,2 *
* Wall carry option.


db+3, ROC1+2 B! #
= WS+4, d+3+4 (47~53) *
= WS+3>[3] (53~59) ^
= WS+4 "
*Some hits in ROC1+2 may miss, varying the damage.
^If ROC1+2 carries to the wall; some hits in ROC 1+2 may miss, reducing damage; a pause between the first and second hits of WS+3[3] is very short but necessary for it to work on the unreduced version; inconsistent.
"Now the most important thing about doing damage in this combo is the oki situation. If the opponent rolls backwards you can immediately crouch dash twice and automatically hit them with WS+3[3], and then you automatically get a free uf+3+4 (cumulative of about 100+ damage). If the opponent stays grounded, you can do another ROC1+2 and bound them again. If they roll to the side, usually you can hit them with either a delayed d+3+4 or a ff+2 after crouch dash. I usually never finish the juggle with the d+3+4, unless they have 7 health left (I believe, not sure).

db+3, df+4, 1+2, df+1 (40)

db+3, df+1+2 B!
= 3~4, CD+1+2 (49~59) *
= f, 1+2, 1,2,ROC2 (56) ^
= f, WS+4, df+1,2, d+3+4 (51)
^At bound Roger will in BT; f input is to erase BT status.
*They can only reduce damage with forward or back roll; ff+2 also works but is inconsistent.[i]

db+3, df+4, 1+2, d+1,2 (41)
[i]Puts Roger in range for bb+4 oki; only back-roll will avoid, tech-rolls will be forced to block, sleepers will be hit.


ROC1, b+3+4~1, WS+3[3] B!
= AGF (80)
= f+1+2,2 (78)
= 1+2, ff+2 (83)
= 1+2, df+4 (78)

ROC1, b+3+4~1, df+1+2 B!
= AGF (76)
= f+1+2,2 (72)
= 1+2, ff+2 (77)

ROC1, b+3+4~1, dash, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= 1+2, ff+2 (86)
= AGF (84)
= f+1+2,2 (82)

ROC1, b+3+4~1, d+1+2,1+2,2 (75)
Excellent wall carry.


ROC1+2 B! #
= WS+4, d+3+4 (39~41) *
= WS+4, ff+2 (45~47) *
= WS+1, ff+2 (41~43) *
= Pause, 1+2, ff+2 (46~48) *
*Lower-end damage if done while opponent is on ground; upper-bound if standing.


SS+4, df+4, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (64)
= 1+2, ff+2 (66)
= uf+3+4
= f+1+2,2

SS+4, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (50)
= f+1+2,2 (49)
= uf+3+4
= 1+2, ff+2

SS+4, WS+2,2 B!
= AGF (57)
= f+1+2>2 (54) *
*At the wall.

SS+4, df+4, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (65)
= 1+2, ff+2 (67)

SS+4, df+4, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (73)

SS+4, f+4,3,2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2
= f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4

SS+4, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2
= 1+2, 1,2,3
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2

SS+4, df+4, 1+2, 1,2,3 * #
*Wall carry option.


3+4, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (79)
= 1+2, ff+2 (80)

3+4, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= 1+2, ff+2
= uf+3+4

3+4, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2
= uf+3+4
= 1+2, 1,2,3
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2


3~4, b+3+4~1, dash, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= f+1+2,2 (79)
= AGF (81)
= 1+2, ff+2 (83)
= uf+3+4

3~4, b+3+4~1, b+3+4~1, CD~WS+3[3] B!
= AGF (88)

3~4, b+3+4~1, b+3+4~1, dash, fff+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (93)

3~4, ff+2, f+4,3,2 B!

3~4, b+3+4~1, 1+2, 1,2,3 * #
3~4, b+3+4~1, d+1+2,1+2,2 (74) * #
3~4, b+3+4~1, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! d+1,2 *
*Wall carry options.

CH (1,2),1

CH (1,2),1, dash, u+2 (60)

CH (1,2),1, SWL df+1+2 B! #
= SSL 1+2, 1,2,3 (64)
= SSL 1+2, 1,2~ROC2 (67)
= 1+2, df+1,2 (58)

CH (1,2),1, SWL iWS+3[3] B!
= Dash, AGF (63)

CH (1,2),1, SSR f+4,3,2 B!
= df+1,2, d+3+4 (64)

CH (1,2),1, 1+2, dash, 1+2, df+1+2 B! *
= AGF (75)
= f+1+2,2
= 1+2, ff+2 (76)
*Works on the everyone but Marduk. For him just leave out the SSL and it will land. Some others don't even need the side-step but It's easier to SSL to be sure.

CH (1,2),1, df4, 1+2, df1+2 B! #
= AGF (71)
= 1+2, ff+2 (73)
= uf+3+4 (64)

CH df+2

CH df+2, WS+2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= 1+2, ff+2

CH df+2, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, 1,2,3
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2

CH df+2, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= 1+2, df+1,2
= 1+2, ff+2
= f+1+2,2
= uf+3+4

CH df+2, f+4,3,2 B! #
= f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4

CH df+2, SSR db+3, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B! #
= FC df+2 (69)
= WS+4
= d+1,2 *
*Wall carry option.

CH df+2, SSR db+3, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (75)
Works on Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Eddie, Feng, Heihachi, Jack, King, Marduk, Miguel, Paul, Raven, Dragunov, and Steve.

CH df+2, 1+2, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= AGF (71)
= 1+2, ff+2 (72)

CH df+2, SSR 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (72)
= f+1+2,2 (69)

CH (f+1+2),2

CH (f+1+2),2, dash, SSR db+3, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B!
= FC df+2 (79)
= WS+4
= d+1,2 *
*Wall carry option.

CH (f+1+2),2, dash, SSR db+3, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (75)
Works on Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Eddie, Feng, Heihachi, Jack, King, Marduk, Miguel, Paul, Raven, Dragunov, and Steve.

CH 4

CH4, df+1,2, df+1,2, d+3+4 (60)

CH f+3

CH f+3, dash, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= 1+2, ff+2 (80)
= AGF (79)
= f+1+2,2 (76)

CH f+3, dash, SSR db+3, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B!
= FC df+2 (76)
= WS+4
= d+1,2 *
*Wall carry option.

CH f+3, dash, SSR db+3, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (75)
Works on Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Eddie, Feng, Heihachi, Jack, King, Marduk, Miguel, Paul, Raven, Dragunov, and Steve.

CH f+3, df+1+2 B!
= 1+2, ff+2
= 1+2, 1,2,3
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2

CH f+3, 1+2, 1,2,3
Wall carry option.

CH b+4

CH b+4, db+3, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (70)
= 1+2, ff+2 (72)
= f+1+2,2 (68)

CH b+4, SSR db+3, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B!
= FC df+2 (73)

CH b+4, SSR db+3, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (75)
Works on Armor King, Bob, Bryan, Eddie, Feng, Heihachi, Jack, King, Marduk, Miguel, Paul, Raven, Dragunov, and Steve.

CH b+4, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, 1,2,3 (64)
= 1+2, 1,2~ROC2 (67)

CH WS+3[3]

CH WS+3[3], ROC1+2 B! #
= WS+4, d+3+4 (76) *
= WS+1, ff+2 (78) *
= Pause, 1+2, ff+2 (83) *
= FC db+1+2 (78)
*Damage reduction/turned upright.

BT 3+4

BT 3+4, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B!
= AGF (81)
= f+1+2,2 (78)
= 1+2, ff+2 (83)

BT 3+4, 1+2, 1+2, df+1+2 B!
= AGF (80)
= 1+2, ff+2 (81)
= f+1+2,2 (77)

BT 3+4, f+4,3,2 B! #
= AGF (71)
= 1+2, ff+2 (74)
= f+1+2,2 (69)

BT 3+4, 1+2, df+1+2 B! #
= AGF (70)
= 1+2, ff+2 (73)
= f+1+2,2 (68)

BT 3+4, df+1+2 B! #
= 1+2, 1,2,3 (69)
= 1+2, 1,2,ROC2 (72)


uf+4, f+4,3,2 B!
= df+1 (44)
= db+1+2 (52)

uf+4, d+1+2,1+2,2 (48~49)
Depends if all hits in the string connect or not.

uf+4, 1+2, 1,2~ROC1+2 B!
= FC 1+2 (56~58?)
= WS+4
= d+1,2

uf+4, 1, WS+3[3] B!
= uf+3+4

3+4, df+1+2 B!
= ROC1+2 (55~57?) *
= f+4,3,2 (56-59?) *
= f, 1+2, 1,2,3 (65) *^
= f, 1+2, 1,2~ROC2 (71) *^
*If Roger does not end up back-turned after bound.
^f input to turn around.


Notes on this section:

Enders; After Bound at wall

> db+3,4,3,4
> ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4
> WS+1, f+4,3,2 *
*Can only be done on wall after df+1+2 bound. Completely misses some characters, like Ling, where f+4,3 won't hit sometimes and when it does the 2 never hits. Slight angles towards opponent's left, or Roger SSR kills it completely. Most consistent when on-axis, or with a slight SSL.

Enders; Carries to wall

> Bounding Mid-Screen and then carrying to the wall at any height:
= db+4,3,4,3,4 (Approx. 20~23) if first hit goes clean then it is 26 max.
= OR 70% AGF will do.
> Bounding Mid-Screen and then carrying to the wall at high splat:
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4 (35); works best off SSL angle.
> Bounding Mid-Screen and then carrying to the wall at highest splat:
= f+1+2,2_ ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4
= OR b+3+4~1, f+4,3,2 for max damage.


CH 1,2 series

CH 1,2,2_1,2,3 W! SSL uf+3,3 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4 = 115~119 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.

CH 1,2,2_1,2,3 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4 = 94_100 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.


uf+3,3 W! SSL uf+3,3 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4 = 120_124 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.

uf+3,3 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4 = 99_105 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.


ff+2 W! SSL uf+3,3 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4= 96_100 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.

ff+2 W! df+1+2_WS+2,2 B! #
= ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,44 = 75_81 *
*A slight SSL angle helps ROC1+2 into Kangaroo Kicks connect successfully.


LP, df+4, 1+2, 1,2,ROC2 = 40 #
LP, df+4, 1+2, 1,2,3 = 37 (Has running tackle back-roll catch option)
SSR 1+2, dash, and SLIGHT delay 1+2, f+1,2ROC2 = 44


What you can get after a floor break depends a lot on the number of hits before the break. If the pre-break hits were about 1~3(?) you can get something like: [ f+4,3,2 ] or [ 1+2, df+1,2, d+3+4 ] or [ 1+2, 1,2,3_1,2~ROC2 ]. If there were more pre-break hits, like 4~6(?) then the best you could probably get would be [ WS+4, d+3+4 ]. If you want to keep them close, you can simply spike them with df+1 or uf+3+4 instead.

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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
1+2, df+4 juggle ender (7th hit)
While not the most damaging, it allows the use of bb+4.

> bb+4: Tech-rollers are forced to block it, regardless of which side they tech, and it hits people who lie on the floor. Only option that you have to do as soon as possible.
> Run up f+1+2,2: Piss-easy against back-rolls. Can probably be done on reaction.
> Run up WR+3: Harder back-roll catch, but gives plus frames if blocked.
> Run up f+4,3: Hardest back-roll catch. Only works when you dash up later than required for the other two, but is pretty easy to react to.
> Run up uf+1+2: Most rewarding back-roll catch, but also the riskiest. If tech-rolled, they get to your back. However, here it grants you the 1+2 afterwards for half life!
> Run up d+2_b+4_ROC3: Lows of choice in this situation if you're playing it safe. Have plenty of time to get into ROC due to the recovery on d/f+4.
> Run up df+1>2_ff+2_df+2_ROC3+4: Mids of choice in this situation if you're playing it safe. See note on above.
> Run up uf+4_uf,N+4_d/b+3: Risk-reward mix-up.

AGF Juggle Ender (5th hit)
Leaves them pretty close.

> uf+1+2 ? Back-roll catch with the most reward. AGF has to hit close for it to work, so dash up into AGF for it. Also very risky (tech-roll = back-throw or combo) 1+2 won't hit here, and neither will df+1+2 (at least not most of the time), so go straight into a f+4,3,2 bounce then dash up 1+2,3 or AGF.
> Dash, CD~ff+2: Covers back-roll catch, laying on the ground, and works as a decent mid option on tech-roll.
> Run up f+4,3: Hardest back-roll catch of all here. If I figure out a way to get it consistently I'll write it up.
> Run up ROC: Range is good enough to set up ROC mix-ups. ROC3 and 3+4 (timed so it comes out like ROC3) work best, but you can also throw out ROC1 if you want.
> Dash db+3: Risky low option with decent reward.
> iWR3: Best mid option for tech-roll. Has to be done slow for it to re-align itself. However, if done REALLY fast with a nice dash, it will also work against back-rolls (hit, not block). Do a couple of these, and people will want to attack, which in turn will get you...
> Dash df+2: After they get tired of having to block fff+3 on wakeup, you can sneak this in when they start trying to jab you out of fff+3 for a float.
> Dash, d+2: Best low option for tech-roll. Also hits grounded.
> Walk a bit, f+1+2,2: Haven't gotten it to work consistently yet but works against back-roll.
> Run up d/f+1>2: Best safe mid option that keeps the momentum going.
> Dash, b+4: Does 1 point of damage more than d+2, however, if they get counter-hit for trying to WS+4, you get a full combo.

Oki after df+1
They can't tech so that limits their options.

> WS+3[3] catches back-rollers for a float and hits them if they lay there or side-roll. They start standing and blocking after taking the hit from that which lets you start using the good low pokes like d+2, or db+3 if you're feeling risky.
> b+4 will hit them out of get up kicks.
> ROC1+2 beats get up kicks and rebinds if they don't stand up. I'm sure there are a lot more (maybe better) options but that's what I'm playing around with currently.

After CH WS+3[3]
People are faced with a 2 way option select.

> ROC1+2 into the assigned combo depending on position.
> AGF. If they do ANYTHING, AGF hits them, and it hits them on the GROUND. Not as a float, but on the ground. That means that AGF will hit grounded (100% damage instead of 120%) and with that, you do more damage than any of the ROC 1+2 options.

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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
Frame Data: (Startup/Block/Hit/Counter-hit)

Key notation
* = If in place of a number in the Start-up frame slot, it's because the move is part of a string.
KND = Knocks Down
JG = Juggle
-1f to +1, etc. = Either the source of frame data (Avoiding the Puddle & InaTekken) were unsure, or the move contains properties which can alter its frames.


" 1 "
There are no longer 8f jabs in the game so Roger?s is like everyone else?s in terms of properties, downside is obviously the range. 1 is +1 on block so when it does land your opponent cannot interrupt 2,1 and if you think they are going to attack then attempt one of the 10f NCc strings that are discussed below.

" 1,2 " Series
Roger's 1,2 series is what let's you lock people up. 1,2 itself is -1 on block, but there are multiple options to end the series with.

> 1,2,1 and 1,2>1 (*/-7/+5/+KND): Both safe. 1,2,1 is NCc and gives you good advantage. It's a good get off me string defensively if something is in your face. On CH it will push back and create space leaving Roger the option of back-dashing to safety or going for mix up. If you go for mix up you need to mind your range, sometimes you end up out of jab range and things like jabs and even tail-sweep could whiff. After a 1,2 on block if you opponent is attacking you can pay mind to that and use the delayed 1 to CH and get a full juggle. The delayed 1 can be stepped if you delay for long enough.

> " 1,2,3 " (*/-9/KND/KND) and " 1,2,2 " (*/-7/KND/KND): Both are great at the wall as both cause wall splat on NCc. I prefer 1,2,3 because if it is safe and you can delay the 3. When you use 1,2,2 you need to recognize if the string is not CH they can duck the last 2 and punish. 1,2,3 at the end of a juggle is the only high wall splat Roger has.

> " 1,2~ROC " (-/0/+7/+7): This mix up is what I?m trying to achieve when I try to lock my opponents up with 1,2,1_>1. You will enter ROC at even with your opponent but you want to make sure they are not thinking about attacking when you enter ROC. I?ll discuss ROC more later, but ideally if you get into ROC in your opponents face you have the option of 3+4 which is +4 on block giving you mix up, wall splats, KD?s in open ground and tracks well, and 3 which is a safe low and +6 on hit. If you enter ROC and you feel you are out of range of 3+4 then use 4 which is the same as his normal d/f+4 (12f safe mid) which has more range. Getting into 1,2 ROC when your opponents back is on the wall is phenomenal.

" 2,1 "
(10/0 to +1/+6/+6)
One of my favourite moves up close. Fast as a jab, even on block, and +6 on hit. 2nd hit is a mid as well. Standing even in your opponents face after this string on block and with access to the 1,2 CH options, Roger?s good low and his throw game really puts your opponents? defence on the spot. On hit if you are slow moving or try to attack a d/f2 CH is guaranteed for a full juggle. Smart opponents will try stepping after 2,1 to avoid pressure. Use 1+2 to track them or sidestep to correct yourself before your next move. **Pay attention to your opponent?s tendencies after 2,1 on block** You can get a lot of information to see what you can get away with. Some people who are inexperienced against Roger freeze up once they realize they can?t even jab you after a blocked 2,1. You can lock up players with subpar movement and inexperience with this poke and the options afterwards. Sometimes early in tournaments I give people way too much credit. Use this move to get info, if you see they like to duck after you know what to do, if they step you know what do, if they stand there you really know what to do.
? 2,1 has odd properties next to the wall, it seems that at some ranges your opponent cannot beat out your follow ups. For instance if opponent has their back on the wall and they block 2,1 you can immediately go for a 1,2,3 CH string to wall splat them, if they tried to jab they get CH. Japanese wiki had this move listed as 0 ~ +1 on block, I think that?s the reason why.

" 3~4 "
Safe launcher. VERY linear and you can get floated by jabs. Has very long range however so have to use it very safely. Crushes your opponent?s lows for big damage.

" 3 "
Pretty slow and lots of whiff recovery. However, when opponent has their back on the wall you bait a move then side-step to a 3 to wall splat.

" 4 "
Roger?s magic 4 isn?t very good. Lags on whiff pretty bad and in most scenarios you only get a df+1,2, df+1,2, d+3+4 juggle. However it?s still a magic 4 so it has it?s place.

" 1+2 "
13 frames and tracks both ways. +1 on block and +5 on hit giving you advantage either way. Once your opponent is trained to not attack after 2,1 this will catch SS and allow you to stay in your opponent?s face as it carries your forward. It?s also high so do not abuse it close against people who like to duck. Another move that sets up the 1,2 series well.

> 1+2,3 (*/-13/KND/KND): is a mid launcher (same as 3+4). Very linear and -13.

> 1+2,4 (*/-40 CR/KND/KND): is a low launcher (same as ss4). Very punishable and can be easily seen on reaction as Roger jumps in the air first. It can be used once in a great while, nothing more.

" 3+4 "
Mid launcher, slow and very linear and -13. It will go over lows. I use it rarely after a close knock down, ss then do this so beat get up kick options.

" f+3 "
Long range mid. Safe and good + on hit. Too slow to poke with but after a launch f4,3,2 B! f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4 works for good, easy damage.

" f+4 "; (16/-2/-1/-1)
" f+4,3 "; (*/-15/JG/JG)
" f+4,3,2 "; (*/-15/KND/KND)
Good long range whiff punisher and long range punisher for -16. Also binds. You can go back-turn after f+4 or f+4,3 for a back-turn mix up or go back-turn ~db to do a good evasive move that leaves you in FC to punish a whiff. F+4,3 and f+4,3,2 are both -15, however if your opponent tries to punish f4,3 with a -15 and you do the 2 extension if will knock them down. Better to just use this move for back-roll catches and whiff punishing.

" f+1+2 "; (24/-7/+4/+4)
" f+1+2,2 "; (*/-12/KND/KND)
Long range mid, mid that wall splats. Can hit confirm the second 2. The first hit is safe, the 2 is -12. If the first hit is block and they are waiting for the 2 to come, just do d+3+4 instead for a free poke they won?t be expecting. Post B! is a good wall carry.

" f+3+4 "
(25/-13 to -61(?)/KND/KND)
Ok, maybe this move is tough to find a use for at all, it can catch back-roll in some situations but there are far better options.

" df+1 "; (14/0 to -1/+1 to +2 CR/+1 to +2 CR)
" df+1,2 "; (*/-11/0/0)
" df+1>2 "; (*/-6/+5/+5)
Great 14f mid with 2 extension that can be delayed. First things first you delay the df+1>2 properly. If you don?t delay is jab punishable, if you delay to much it won?t be a NC. If you delay just right it will NC, by safe on block and +5 on hit. If it?s +5 then the opponent cannot interrupt another df+1>2 forcing them to block or try to do a well timed step. Another string that helps lock people down to continue pressure. You do not have to continue the string all the time, df+1 on hit or block by itself can lead to mix up while the opponent is waiting for the 2. Use it to get needed low poke at the end of the round or a throw attempt. Much needed range on this as well. Ending a juggle with df+1 leaves good oki options as well. Also the -14f punisher.

" df+4 "
12f mid, safe and +7 on hit. Great poke to get people off you or to get a hit to move in. Can be stepped easily. Really essential move for some.

" df+2 "
(15/-7 to -6/+4/JG)
15f CH launcher. Safe and has good range and cover?s his right side fairly well. It can stop people coming in recklessly and also is guaranteed in a myriad of situations where opponents retaliate after one of your pokes that leave you at +5 or more. Using this move after blocked moves like bb+4, ROC3+4, ROC?f, or BOB1 can be used to set up a CH.

" df+3 "
(19 to 22/-9 to -6/+2 to +5/KND)
Long range, safe homing move. Gives you some advantage to move in. Careful use against Mishimas as they will ewgf the tip of the tail if they think you are going to do the move from a longer range.

" df+1+2 "
(14/-3 CR/+4 CR/+4 CR)
Primary purpose is a B! move. Doesn?t hit grounded anymore. Forces opponent to recover crouching. If you do it accidentally, best option is to SS the opponent?s WS move when they recover and punish.

" df+3+4 "
(29 to 30/*/KND/KND)
On block you recover on the ground. Will hit grounded and it hits as a throw attempt. You can be launched by jabs up close if you do this standing next to someone. Better options than this.

" d+1 "; (10/-5/+6/+6)
" d+1,2 "; (*/-10 to -11/0 to +1/0 to +1)
Crouching jab to a mid. -10 not NC. Not that good.

" d+2 "
(18/-13/+3 CR/+6 CR)
Low poke that is -13. Goes under highs and is very linear. Gives good advantage where a df+4 cannot be interrupted. Against most opponents you can do a df+2 after it hits to get a CH if they retaliate with any besides a 12f or fast WR move. If an opponent has sub-par -13 WS punisher I use it a lot, if they have a good one like Dragunov, then that changes the landscape and you need to use sparingly.

" d+1+2 "; (17/-12/-10/-10)
" d+1+2~b "; (17/-1/+3/+3)
" d+1+2, 1+2 "; (*/-11/-7/-7)
" d+1+2, 1+2~b "; (*/-1/+3/+3)
" d+1+2,1+2,2 "; (*/-13/KND/KND)
High, high, mid. Last mid can wall-splat but is -13. You can go back-turn after the first or second move for a throw attempt or back-turn mix up. Can wall carry fairly well also, but there are better choices. After a wall juggle ending in B! ROC1+2, 3+4, ... You can roll back and do this move and if they opponent techs and stands they will be forced to block it to mix up the back-turn option or mid splat. This is also guaranteed on a back-turned opponent for a ton of damage.

" d+3+4 "
(16 CR/-17/-3/-3)
Long range low. Launch punishable but from max range not a lot of the cast can punish. If you do it out of crouching it will do 10 more damage. At long range doing it after a small correction step will help it track better.

" db+3 "
Tail sweep. Low that gives a juggle and good oki. Very punishable and doesn?t crush anything. Can be stepped. I see a lot of Rogers use it a lot for mix up, but I wouldn?t abuse it versus good players. Save it for when you need it. Against Steve becomes pretty risky standing in front of his face doing this and risking a b+1 CH.

" db+4,3,4,3 "
Mid kicks where Roger kicks from his back. You can do things like roll back at anytime or side-roll do another kick then roll back. Opponent can punish you for this with a launcher. If you are just ROC rolling fishing for something against a stance character and go into it realize there is risk involved.

" db+1+2 "
(23/-11 to -23/KND/KND)
Can be floated with jabs for a B!. It can go under some highs at a certain point in the animation as well. Will splat. Too risky to use though.

" b+1,2,1 "
Does jabs to a WS+1 animation mid. Leads to 10 hit.

" b+3 "
(16 BT/-8/+5/+7)
Hits grounded and makes Roger go back-turned. After a B! uf+3+4 this will hit grounded and if opponent stands and gets hit or blocks you can do back-turn mix up or quick db input to safety./[quote]

" b+4 "
(28/-12/+5 CR/JG)
[quote]Slow low that doesn?t crush anything but is only -12. Will CH people who do get up kicks for a juggle however. Forces opponent to recover WS as well and you are at good advantage on hit leading to a CH df+2 attempt.

" b+1+4 "
Unblockable. You can try to catch an opponent recovering teching after a juggle but it?s too slow to be guaranteed. They can easily sidewalk or back-dash.

" ub+2_u+2_uf+2 "
The big elbow drop. I saw a video of a Roger using this on the wall after a combo and it hit grounded. I don?t know the reason or what situation it worked in, need more research. Right now it doesn?t seem useful.

" ub+3 "
You can use this to fish for a last hit on someone if they have no idea what is going on. If you do use it close at a time when you aren?t risking getting jabbed as the move will hit twice. If you are far you will be floated from jabs. If they block you go into the db+4,3,4,3 series mentioned above.

" uf+3,3 "
Safe and is best used next to the wall for big damage. When you wall splat you can SS and do a uf+3,3 and bind them after, still. After something block on the wall like a ROC3+4 or when an opponent is teching you can try to catch them to splat them with this.

" uf+4 "
Generic hopkick. -15 punisher. Shorter range than many of the other cast however.

" uf+1+2 "
(35/+2 CR/JG/JG)
Small advantage on block and forces them to recover crouching. Though, it can be floated by jabs, crushes low and very linear. Can be used a back-roll catch. You get big damage of this launcher and it?s safe. You need to pick your spots with it. It has long range but it can be easily stepped from long range as well. I?d rather use it from range 2 after a small correction step in a situation where I?m not in trouble of getting jabbed. However, if you are in rage and you need something huge than is safe, this is an option.

" ff+2 "
-12 mid. Wall splats. Can catch back-rollers after some juggles and catches people SS at range 2. Leads to a KND to help you close the gap and you can do it out of wave-dash.

" ff+4 "
Long range safe mid that leads to a knockdown. Not a terrible option for something with greater range.

" ff+1+2 "; (41/-25/KND/KND)
" ff+1+2 "; (21/-5 to +13/KND/KND)
Jumping dive-roll attack. If you space it properly to hit their toes you get a free 2,1.

" ff+3+4 "
+f on block but leaves you on the ground. Not worth much except to catch a back-roller, and there are better options.

" WR3_fff+3 "
(28/+17/+8 CR/KND)
Slash kick that pushes pretty far back.

" WR4,(4,4)_2 "
Does running low kicks or low kick to punch. All very punishable.

" WS+3,3 "; (15/-8/+4/+4)
" WS+3[3] " (15/0 CR/KND/KND)
On counter-hit both hits combo, leading to a mix up for a ROC1+2 small juggle which does good damage if they stay still, OR if they decide to do anything at all you can hit them with AGF for big damage. Also a bind move and is good to use to catch back rollers. Doing WS+3,3 with no delay means the second 3 can be ducked. On block WS+3[3] is even, but they can interrupt with a quick jab or Steve b+1 in between the first and the second 3 if you delay long.

" WS+2,2 "
(14/-12/+4 CR/+4 CR)
-14 WS punisher. Forces opponent into a crouching recovery. -12 but first hit is only -7, so you can do the first hit and throw attempt while they wait for the second. Bind move.

" WS+4 "
Very good poke.

" FC df+2 "
-16 punisher from FC.

" SS+4 "
(31/-40 CR/JG/JG)
Pretty evasive low launcher from side-step. Very punishable, try to use this when you feel your opponent is coming at you and you need something big.

" FC db+1+2 "
Special mid that splats but is slow and unsafe. Can be done out of crouch dash. [quote]

" f,n,d,df+ 1 "
[quote]Animal godfist. Good for juggler ender leading to good oki.

" bb+4 "
(38/-4 CR/+8 CR/KND)
Leaves you at +frames on block and is good when used as oki as it will hit grounded and force standing and tech rollers to block.

" BT 3+4 "
Launcher and launch-punishable.

" BT d+3 "
(17 BT/-11/+4 CR/KND)
Long low-kick from BT and launch punishable.

" BT db "
you will do a long spin away from your opponent and recover crouching where you can punish whiffs. Very risky stuff to be in BT. Better off to spin away, look for the whiff and reset the situation.

" b+1+2 "
ROC (Rocket) Stance. Great stance that gives you access to a safe tracking mid that?s plus on block and splats, a safe low, and another safe mid.

" ROC f "
(*/+5 to +7/KND/KND)
Charge at opponent, can be stepped so better off doing this as an Oki option. Leaves you +frames on block.

" ROC df "
Same start-up as the charge but instead becomes a crouch dash. From there you can fish for a CH WS+3[3] attempt or do a db+3 if they think they are frozen waiting for the charge. Many options available.

" ROC1 "
(*/-2 CR/JG/JG)
Safe mid launcher. Pretty damn slow so it?s easy to recognize. Forces the opponent to recover from crouching.

" ROC2 "
Good to end a low parry combo with to get some wall carry.

" ROC3 "
Safe low that gives +6 on hit. Really good low poke when people don?t want to risk ducking because of ROC3+4.

" ROC4 "
Same as df+4. Use it when you get into Roc and you?re out of range of 3+4 or want something faster for a mid option.

" ROC3+4 "
Safe, +frames on block, and a mid that tracks both ways and wall splats. Getting into ROC safely at the wall to threaten with this the goal. Either they take the low that?s safe if blocked anyways or risky getting pounded by this and hit for huge damage. Throw attempts after a block or just about any mix up is appropriate here.

" ROC1+2 "
Does a roll that binds the opponent leading into a B! WS+4, d+3+4 combo or just WS+4 combo into awesome oki. If they block it you go into the db+4,3,4,3 series. Against stance characters like Eddy who are just going into RLX fishing for a whiff this can make them reconsider that option.

" b+3+4 "
BOB stance. Ah, poor BOB stance. Not much to see here.

" BOB1 "
(*/+7 to +41/KND/KND)
New input for the old f,n+1 in T5DR that lead to anything you could imagine on block. It?s still +frames on block, but having to go into the stance has made it slower. The stance doesn?t even offer much else. It is used in juggles however and you can use it when an opponent techs if you think they are standing. Really, you can just use ROC though. You can hold charge it up but that just makes it slower.

" BOB2 "
Strictly for the combo videos. Or to troll.

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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
? b+3~b seems pretty safe on block and the pushback / turn can bait them into whiffing.[/quote]

? If b+3 hits then I think it gives you enough frame advantage for both BT 3+4 (Mid) and BT d+3 (Low) to be uninterruptable (but obviously BT d+3 can still be crushed). BT 3+4 will launch them and CH BT d+3 gives you another BT d+3 for free. If BT d+3 hits normally then it resets the BT 3+4 / BT d+3 mix-up. Just watch out for spacing. You should only try the mix-up if b+3 hits, but it's easy to hit confirm.

? 1,2 on block into ROC3+4 can splat if they flinch. ROC3 is a safe low from this stance which will probably hit. ROC2 beats out most non-crushing interruptions.

? After ROC 3+4 or anything giving you a good number of frames on block, you can scare them with the thread of CH df+2 (as to avoid high crushing moves just in case) or 1,2>3_1,2,2 into wall splat. Once you have them in the mindset that they are better off not pressing buttons, you can stretch your options:

? d+2 gives +2 on normal hit and +5 on counter-hit. Also crushes highs pretty well. This is your go-to safe(r) low. Does 20 damage and it's -13. On some characters you're better off sticking to d+4 and b+4 if you want to play it safe. If you want to stick to a safe mid game you can use df+1>2 or df+4 to constantly keep the pressure without wall splats.

? For higher risk/catching them on wake-up, you can alternate between uf+3,3 (safe mid wall-splat, high damage), f+1+2,2 (mid splat, unsafe), ff+2 (mid splat, unsafe) or db+3 (low, UNSAFE) to trip them. On the wall, db+3 gives one of two effects:
a) df+1+2 B! (side-switch) -> Then you can do turn around, 1+2, 123 or 12 ROC2
b) df+1+2 B! (no switch) -> 3~4 into CD+1+2 or d+2. C+D1+2 does the most damage out of the quick options, re-splats them if they try to reduce damage.

? If you hit them with a mid, you can do a small SSL into uf+3,3 to add extra damage, then wall B! with either df+1+2 or WS+2,2 into ROC1+2 (2 hits) 3+4,3,4,3,4.

? If punishing a whiff near the wall and you want a wall splat do SS, 3. Not as fast but it's his only quick wall splat move that comes out as such.
I think b+4 is good when their back is against the wall. After ending a wall combo with db+4,3,4,3 use b+4 straight away and a lot of people tech into it. It's +7 on hit so perfect for buffering a tombstone. If you think they'll push buttons then df+2 is uninterruptable for a CH combo.

? Roger f+2+4 grab: you can get a wavedash WS+3[3]B! 1+2, 1,2,ROC2 if the opponent back-rolls.

? BOB 1, maxquiksilver discovered that if the opponent back rolls, fff+3+4 is guaranteed!

? Block slide kick can be punished by: WS+2,2_ f+4,3,2_WS+3[3] in to bound and combo.
f+4,3,2 B! f+3, df+1,2, d+3+4 = 49 damage and is the most damaging combo (?)

? WS+3[3], B!, dash, 1+2, 2, ff+2 = 44 (Back-roll catch)

? After B! AGF = df+3 picks up people who stand guard, giving you a free df+1,2, d+3+4 after.

? If you ever float someone with db+3, you can tack on extra damage with d+4. Not much, but every little bit helps.

? When Roger is lying on the ground on his back (whether front or feet first) and you connect a counter-hit 3 (low sweep), if you dash forward quickly you can land db+3, 1+2, f+4,3,2 B! AGF or db+3, 1+2, df+1+2 B! 1+2, ff+2!

? Whenever you step an opponent and get to about 3/4 of his side (not completely back-turned, but that also works), a d+1+2,1+2,2 will all connect, dealing a total of 91 damage!

? After a blocked fff+3 you get a 50/50 mix-up
Option 1: ff+2 = beats pretty much anything someone tries except block.
Option 2: If your opponent is afraid of ff2 and is going to block you can try ff+1+2. On block this move will give you exactly 10 frames of advantage with which you can guarantee 12 or 21, giving you momentum for a grab attempt or something and guaranteed damage.
Option 3: If they back-dash they might beat all of this, but you can just use another fff+3 and reset the mix-up.

? Roger has some of the best poking in the game imo, once you get his range down. df+1>2 is a great i14 mid, mid string but the properties are funny. If you do df1,2 (no delay) the move is -10 and even on hit, not good. If you do df1>2 (slight delay) the string is -6 on block (safe) and +5 on hit (really good). If you do df1>2 (big delay) the 2 can be blocked. So the trick is df1>2 (slight delay, still natural combo). This is great for a few reasons:
1. It is +5 on hit, meaning they can't do anything after the get hit by it so you have tremendous mix up. If you do another df1>2 they can't block it if they try to attack. If you see them trying to do a move that is i12, they can't interrupt your df2 and you will get a CH. You can throw, do anther df1>2, low poke, 2,1 after they get hit by the string. It is great for maintaining pressure. Also if it is blocked its only -6 so no problems there.
2. Since the string is delay-able you can do a single df1 then stop. Df+1 by itself is -1 on block and ~+1 or +2 on hit. Your opponent has to respect the follow up 2, so if you do just df1 on block or hit you cannot do the 2, and instead do a throw, poke, low, anything. You are still close to even after a single df1 and your opponent is sitting there expecting the 2 that never came. At the end of a match its fantastic, need a little bit of damage at the end? Do a df1 and leave a long delay 2 if you think they are antsy. If they are frozen do a df1, then do a d4 or d2 to close the round out. Play mind games with df1. I can't tell you how many times I've done a df1 and then just db3 someone who was trained to block the 2.

? Roger's poking is great but you have to get inside. 1+2 is good for closing distance and it tracks people but you need to mix it up. Use your movement to get a good distance for a df1>2 to get in as well. You can use cd4 or cd3 as well to close the gap. After you get in, 2,1 is a great poke. It's i10, high mid, 0 on block and +5 or +6 on hit. Use it to keep pressure and stay inside. Df4 is your fastest mid at i12 and should be used as well. When you get in focus on 2,1, 1+2 and df4 as your pokes. Don't use df1 up close unless you are positive.

? also a setup for (roc)+3+4 after a juggle finish..like u/f+4, 1, 1+2, d/f+1+2 B! dash 1+2 now here if ur opponet try to tech any direction u can do 1,2,(ROC)+3+4 by doing this ur 1,2 will whiff and since they r teching they r forced to block ROC+3+4 and if they do any attack when they r tech rolling they will get hit by ROC+3+4...the beauty of this setup is that u can easily confirm after a whiff 1,2,ROC if ur opponent is teching or not if they r teching do 3+4 and if they back roll OR stay do 1+2 for rebound.... So simply it becomes u/f+4,1,1+2,d/f+1+2 B! dash 1+2 1,2,ROC(whiff)+3+4 Or 1+2 if they stay or rollback...some times when off axix or on bigs like jack the 1 from 1,2 will hit them and destroying that setup...

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