360gaming Tekken6+SSF4 Results (London, UK)

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Results of a nice and very fun local tourney held in South London (UK).

Tekken 6:
1st Prodigal Son Ryan Hart
2nd Checkmate (Italy)
3rd Liono
4th Cobra Commander

1st Prodigal Son Ryan Hart
2nd Taaha
3rd Emperor
4th The Kidd

We had a couple of sick players from Italy join us for Tekken too. Surprised quite a lot of mans.

Also a good Grudge Match between newcomer Umer Kazama and the legendary Prodigal Son Ryan Hart!!! (best I've ever seen from a complete newcomer to tournies lol)

Videos for Tekken:

Grand Finals for SSF4:

There were lots of setups available for casual play, very nice environment. Hopefully they will do another one soon for people in the area. Their website: www.360gaminguk.com/

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