Tekken 5 DR where are use have-?

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Joined: May 2010
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i like T5 DR and which play still me ps3 cd -?
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Hello, I still play this game and believe is it is the best tekken game ever made. If you or anyone would like to play online sometime, feel free to add me on psn.
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I wonder if people still play this game in 2013 because I know a korean player streamed playing this game online with friends
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i play offline only,the online world is dead. T5DR is my only connection with my ps2 cousins. so if we get together we play DR
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anyone here from around europe that still plays?
7th Dan
Joined: Dec 2012
Posts: 87
From: Ireland
PSN: pdomara
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Finding it really hard to get games on DR anymore.
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I play from time to time. The amount of hatemail I recieve in this game is phenomenal.
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If anyone reads this and wants to get some classic DR matches in, feel free to add me. Miss staying up late playing this game in lobbies that would last for hours...
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