Korean Wavedashing Tutorial

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Korean Wavedashing Tutorial by Rebellijin


Title: Rebellijin's Beginner Wavedashing Tutorial
Please forgive my bad enunciation and stuttering speech.
I am encouraged by your warm views.

0:00 - 0:15 = The cool yet maddening wavedash!! At least do it well when you're by yourself ^^

0:15 - 0:40 = Due to the lack of explanations of the wavedash, I'll start with the basic crouch dash that forms the basis of the wavedash. First, I'll input the normal crouch dash. [flicks joystick and pans to screen]

0:42 - 1:00 = Ok, now I'll show you the crouch dash that I use and explain the rest.

1:00 - 1:35= This method requires you to barely push the joystick and then quickly grab the diagonal input. [Subtitle: "Tip: While inputting f just barely and then pulling towards d, df, there's a point at which the stick passes neutral between f and d for a brief instant."]. If you listen to the sounds, because the f is barely registering and you're pull the diagonal, you won't hear "click click", but rather just one "click". I believe that inputting the f just barely and then pulling towards the diagonals will allow for a quicker crouch dash. This has been my crouch dash method.

1:36 - 1:50 [Top title: Please forgive the low video quality to maintain a high framerate. Bottom title: 1/10th Speed Slow Motion Replay]

1:50 - 2:14 = Now I'll explain the wavedash you're seeing on the screen. If you attempt to wavedash without having gone through the basics, you'll have problems mastering it due to serious execution and mental barriers. [Subtitle: "If the fundamentals are sound, fewer errors will probably occur~"]. So understanding this, if you start slowly from the basics, you'll be able to achieve the awesome wavedash in no time.

2:15 - 2:54 = Many people think the wave is a very difficult technique, if you think of the wave as an abbreviated crouch dash motion, then you'll be able to approach it more easily. [Subtitle: "Tip: The wave is the repeated input of a "simplified" crouch dash motion! It's easy if you understand this principle."] So, now I'll demonstrate. When you first practice the wave, input the crouch dash slowly. Let's look at the screen. ["Pretty easy, huh?"].

2:55 - 3:10 = Once you have diligently practiced the repeated crouch dash input that I've just discussed, smoothly connecting the crouch dashes is the most essential element of the wavedash. [Tip: The wavedash consists of smoothly connecting repeated crouch dash inputs!] Now, I'll demonstrate.

3:11 - 3:48= After having diligently practice at this speed, as your hand gets used to the motions, slowly increase the speed to develop the wave. Now let's try increasing the speed. [Lightdashing demonstration, screen is shaking. "Ah, this is tiring, huff huff". "Left hand wavedashing, right hand shooting video -,.-."]. As you do this you'll feel tension in your arm. But if you endure this, you'll be able to do high speed wavedashing. My arm is killing me right now. I must cope!

3:49 - 4:00 = 1/10 Speed Slow Motion Replay

4:01 - 5:05 = Now, I'll show you how to grip the joystick. Put your hand lightly around the stick. When you push the stick, you're not pushing it with the thumb. Rather, slide across the top of the joystick. When you input d, d/f, use your middle and ring fingers to pull the stick towards the diagonal. As the fingers wrap the joystick, they naturally input d and d/f. ["Tip: You must naturally pull towards the diagonals in order to input d, d/f in order."] So, you can just pull on the joystick without any worries. So, if I show you the continuous motion, it looks like this. If you input this a little faster, it looks like this. Now, let's smoothly input this.

5:06 - 5:33 = The last thing I'll show you is how to grip the joystick on the 1P side. I use the first joints of my fingers to input the f, and then grab the stick to input d, d/f. If I show you the speedy version, it becomes like this. If you're wavedashing this is what it looks like. This concludes the wavedashing tutorial.

5:34 - End = 1/10th Speed Slow Motion Replay.
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that's crazy. nice tutorial
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Last night I learnd how to wavedash myself, 2-3week with the stick and it was possible. I've played a few years with pad but cannot get it right.

Recorded a few seconds from last night in practise:

It aint lightdash, but I will get there at some point.
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amazing tutorial too bad its not that into 1p side too , but in the 2p side its just teaches you everything.
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1p side


Last edited by AC on Dec 21st, 2010 at 19:43

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AC can u teach me the proper way to wave 1p side?

Please PM me
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