What do you think about Tekken Advance?

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What do you think of Tekken Advance
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It's great
3 13.64%
It's good
3 13.64%
It's okay
9 40.91%
It's bad
2 9.09%
It's the worst Tekken game
5 22.73%
22 Votes 100%
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I never had a GBA but now that I have a Nintendo DS that can play GBA games I decided to buy myself Tekken Advance. Now what do you think about? I would say it's okay.
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Originally posted by JuliaFan
I never had a GBA but now that I have a Nintendo DS that can play GBA games I decided to buy myself Tekken Advance. Now what do you think about? I would say it's okay.

I think it's good...for a GBA
I don't like this"two button" stuff...
Try to play with Hwoa.
Switch stances is a nightmare...
(I play with Nin'GBA EMU)
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#3 “Quote” Edit Post
It's a great game for a gameboy.
there is only one unlockable: Heihachi
I can't seem to save the game
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4th Dan
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#4 “Quote” Edit Post
it's a pretty fun game because you don't see a hand-held Tekken everyday =P
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#5 “Quote” Edit Post
it is crap
2nd Dan
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#6 “Quote” Edit Post
Well.... It was defiantely neat to see a portable tekken game! But...I mean, no wwith Tekken 5 and 6 being on PSP.....I wouldnt pick it up unless you are looking for the curiosity factor.
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#7 “Quote” Edit Post
It's not bad. It's the only way I get to keep in touch with tekken when I'm no on the arcade. Can't really afford ps3 or psp or xbox360. Also playable on emulators. Combos can be used in TTT as well.
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#8 “Quote” Edit Post
My first GBA game lol. Anyway I think it's not so bad. It's ok for a GBA.
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#9 “Quote” Edit Post
i think it is a ok-game. I loved to make an 10 Hit Combo with Jin
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#10 “Quote” Edit Post
Agh this game what to say...

Had I known about combos years ago, I would have kept this game and studied it in depth a bit more...

It's on my dad's iPhone..? Or Samsung galaxy, younger brother downloaded psx app, it's good, but the touch screen is not really that helpful...

I only realised Jin had EWGF IN THAT GAME LAST MONTH!! (oh shit...)

Just wish it had more characters,. loved the 3 way tag, wish it had the ability to tag from launching...

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